Tour Journal: 7/19/13 Leave a web of legacy


The first night of the Greenhouse “Bend but don’t break” tour is officially behind us. Last night we played at the V-Club in Huntington,  West Virginia. For me it was my second time playing there and I believe it was Blueprints second time as well. We had two opening acts Couch Life (probably one of the best crew names ever. Only in West Virginia) and the WV staple crew Dinosaur Burps.  I know what your thinking “where do they come up with these names?” But don’t let the Dinosaur Burps name fool you. Emcee B-Rude and Dj Squeazle are one of the best kept secrets in hip hop in my opinion. Funny, witty and just plain dope. You can catch me featured on a song called “Spice Melange” for their next album which for now is untitled I believe with no official release date. Check out the Video below and their bandcamp to support.


Anyways the show was a good time. The small but energetic crowd heavily supported the merch table which means we did our job.

For me the illest part of the night for me was when I went outside to snap a few pics and I saw a spider weaving its web. I watched it almost from beginning to end.  I had only seen that on animal planet or some random nature shows but but never in real life. Live. It was an amazing thing to see. Though I hate spiders I had never seen anything like it and I was instantly captivated. It made me think about how as a father, husband, man and artist I and working to leave a web legacy.  A legacy that I hope is worth something to my family and others who support me to get caught up in so-to-say like the spider web. It takes some time for the spider to find a place where it wants to put that anchor down and leave their mark but once they make up in their minds to do it they go all in. This is what I believe that I have been doing in my life in all aspects as of late,  weaving a web of legacy that is worth being embraced and getting caught up in. Too many times we as human beings focus to much on today and we don’t think about what we will be remembered for tomorrow.  We don’t think about what we will leave those that will follow us in this world and it shows in how we entertain our children.  It shows in the popular music and violent movies that we feed them and ourselves. It shows and its sad. Lets wake up and think about tomorrow.  Lets think about what we are going to leave the next generation and if they will be proud of what we leave them.

I left my family yesterday for this tour, which is the hardest thing for us as artists to do when your family is filled with love as mine is,  in order to strengthen the legacy that am going to leave behind. I’m out here weaving a web for my children to see tomorrow. For them to get caught in by choice. I know that I am called to be great as my grandmother mother would tell me as are my seed. I just have to make sure that I leave them something great to build on. Something that they can be proud of. What will you leave those that will follow you?

Well that’s it for this first entry. I hope you guys get something from it. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or to further the discussion.

Tonight Louisville, Ky. See you soon….

Fri. July 19th – Louisville, KY @ The Phoenix Hill Tavern |

Sat. July 20th – Birmingham, AL @ The Bottletree |

Sun. July 21st – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 |

Weds July 24th – Atlanta, GA @ The Drunken Unicorn |

Thur. July 25th – Charlotte, NC @ The Neighborhood Theater |

Fri. July 26th – Asheville, NC @ Timos’ House |

Sat. July 27th – Johnson City,TN @ Mecca Lounge |

Weds. July 31st – Dallas, TX @ Crown and Garp

Thurs Aug 1st – Austin, TX @ ND Austin |

Friday Aug 2nd – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live / Greenroom

Sat. Aug 3rd – San Antonio, TX @ The Limelight |

Sun. Aug 4th – El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls w/ Souls of Mischief |

Mon. Aug 5th – Santa Fe, NM @ The Lodge at Santa Fe Cabaret |

Tue. AugFri. 6th – Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS |

Thur. Aug 8th – Flagstaff, AZ @ Green Room |

Fri. Aug 9th- Los Angeles, CA @ The Airliner |

Sat. Aug 10th – Oakland,CA @ The Legionnaire Saloon |

Mon. Aug 12th – Boise, ID @ The Shredder |

Tue. Aug 13th – Spokane,WA @ Carr’s Corner |

Wed. Aug 14th – Missoula, MT @ Stage 112 |

Thur. Aug 15th – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Project |

Fri. Aug 16th Ketchum,ID @ Whiskey Jacques |

Sat. Aug 17th – Bozeman,MT @ Zebra Cocktail Lounge |

Sun. Aug 18th – Great Falls, MT @ Machinery Row |

Tues. Aug 20th – Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium |

Wed. Aug 21st – Sioux Falls, SD @ Billy Frogs |

Thur. Aug 22nd – Duluth,MN @ Red Star |

Fri. Aug 23rd – Green Bay,WI @ JD’s Bar |

Sat. Aug 24th – Minneapolis,MN @ Pour House |

Mon Aug 26th – Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme |

Weds. Aug 28th – Boston, MA @ Middle East Upstairs

Friday Aug 30th – Pittsburgh, PA @ Thunderbird Cafe

Sat. Aug 31st – Buffalo,NY @ Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar |

Sun Sept 1st – Erie, PA @ Crooked I

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