Tour Journal: 7/22/13 Refining your art

Amazing-graffiti-Street-Art-painting-by-David-Walker-in-London-England-2On Saturday July 20 we played Birmingham, Al at the BottleTree Cafe. First off the venue was AMAZING!!! The Sound was some of the best sound that I have heard in a venue of that size in a long time (200 Capacity). The food was also Great. I ate a Spicy Thai Black Bean Burger It was HUGE…I barely finished it. Then there was the back stage….Man the back stage was crazy. Unfortunately we didn’t really understand the Scope of what was at our disposal until the end of the night. There was a huge Patio with two old school trailers. The trailers were air conditioned. They had beds, a stove, a fridge, A television with cable and a DVD player with an amazing movie selection, A library of books and…..Wait for it………………An ATARI Yes an authentic Atari with an amazing game selection. They also had a medicine cabinet full of any OTC med you would ever need. They treated us very well.


I have been rocking pretty much the same set since I dropped Capture the Sun so coming out on tour I saw that I need to refine my set some. So we had a six hour Drive to Birmingham from Louisville, Ky the night before and I went to the lap top and the programs cutting a song here and there; adding a song here and there; tightening up transitions, etc…. I even added a song or two to the set that I have never performed live and that was a little scary, but I under stand that I have to challenge my self to be as great as I can be. So I worked on my set for like 3 hours. When I hit the stage I was a little shook because i was trying something new and I did it on the spot. So the time came for me to hit the stage and I KILLED. The new transitions worked. The new songs worked well. The energy of the show was Right. I still may tweak a few things here and there but I have come up with something that works and affects the audience in a real deep and personal way. One girl came up to me afterwords and said that my set had her in tears….So Yeah….I say all that to say this….You are never finished growing. Sometimes things that you are comfortable doing may not always be what will affect those around you the deepest. As an artist I should never get complacent and relaxed. I should always want to push my self to the next level of what ever I do in my art. And its not just with my art I see this translating into anything that I do in life. Never get too comfortable. Always look to be better than you were before. Always look to refine your art.

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