Journal Entry 7/26/13: live on the bright side

At times I find my self looking at life through a lens where disappointment is the only option. Nothing positive will come out of this current situation I tell myself over and over with no remorse. The sky looks grey and there is no sunshine in the near future. Just then when I feel that all hope is lost, a glimmer of light comes glistening through the grey clouds with hope riding it like a wild stallion. I see that there is something there that is smiling. Something the screams prosper. Alive. We do care.

This is what the emotions were in Atlanta a few nights ago. I had not been there since 2004 with E&A and I had no clue what my draw would be. Blueprint wasn’t a beacon of conference either. I had invited my cousin who I hadn’t seen probably since were were very young so I didn’t want to be clothed in embarrassment. I had also still been working on my set taking my own advice of Refining my art. And then it happened people showed up and rocked with us. Its was an amazing show with amazing people. I got to reconnect with family and shine. The point is to never sell your self short of what your are capable of and how you are capable of affecting people. You may miss a blessing if you let fear and uncertainties have power over you. Think positive. Know that you will shine no matter what.

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