Journal entry 8/21/13: To catch you up.


So I know haven’t been posting as regularly as I started but when you have 8 and 12 hour drives between cities every day, homework, and you have to eat writing gets pushed to the back a little. So let me give a small recap of the highlights last week or so.

Oakland California Aug 10
This was an awesome show. Great crowd but greater comradery and time with friends. I got to hang with my homie Davu. Some of u may remember him from the Dove Ink days and his album “the sun do move”. I also got to hang with some old friends Adam Drucker and Jeff Logan or how u may know them as “Them” or dose one and Jel. It was great to reconnect with friends and catch up. Also ephram sponge aka Juan Davis made a surprise visit. It was an all around great night of reconnection. The great crowd was the icing on the cake.

Salt Lake city, Utah Aug 15
Here comes the wild night. Ok first off we find out that Ludacris is playing a show in the park right down the street for FIVE DOLLARS!! I wanted to go to that and so did everyone else in Salt Lake. Can you blame them? So we had to push our show back until after the Luda show or we really would have got killed. (Side note: Shout out to Chase and uprock for always taking care of us when we are in the city) So we push the show back. Its all ages so its a pretty good crowd but we were feeling the Luda affect.

So we rock. Sell merch. Take pics. Shake hands. kiss babies you know…what we do. Then there is a commotion. This guy comes in drunk off his rocker asking for Isaac and “his bitches”. We ignore them and go back to talking. Then all of a sudden security has this dude yoked up a bottle flies In my direction and then it was on. Dude starts swinging on security. Pushes one security guard to the ground. And the a gang of people push him out the door.

We go back to talking and some one runs in and says “they are out here fighting! ” We get out there and apparently the guy that was doing all that taking and yelling got in the wrong person face and was met with a one hitter quitter. After that his friends were trying to get him to leave but he wouldn’t. He kept yelling for “his bitches”. “I’m not leaving with out my bitches.” We had no clue who these “bitches” were we just knew he had to go.

We figured out that the girls that they came with were embarrassed and hiding in side the place.
Then the guy comes back and is still running his mouth. He says “all of u guys are punk bitches. None of your lives will be anything.” (This is a show of ours he paid to get into mind u). Then he says “You”, to the guy who laid him out earlier, “you got a good punch” and proceeds to dap him up. “The rest of ya’ll are punk bitches.” No matter what he was going to feel that punch when he sobered up.

We finally get them to leave and then we meet the girl and her friends. “The bitches” that he was referring to. Apparently one girl was on a date with him trying to get laid and in turn was highly embarrassed. Then she and her friends left with some other guys to get a hotel room. Of course they were all young and stupid.

The next day we wake up to find that the city of Ketchum Idaho, site of our next show, is being evacuated due to Forest fires. So we stayed in Salt lake another day and rocked a surprise show at Chases shop Uprock. Needless to say. Salt lake was indeed the most memorable stop of the tour so far.

The other shows Bozeman Montana, Great falls Montana were fun and great times.

Minot North, Dakota Aug 19th
Then we come to Minot North Dakota. Great show great crowd. After the show we meet a young girl, 20 who is scared for her life. Trying to avoid a “friend” that she came to the show with. From the information we got from her she was kicked out of her parents house for worshiping the devil, which she denied, doing porn, which she also denied, and refusing to go to rehab for using and selling weed. She calls this guy and she stays with him thinking he’s cool. Then she gets driven to an empty field and is threatened. At the show she feels her life is in danger so our friend Kipp G saves her giving the option to stay at his friend house cause she is stranded and has no where to go. Then the next day still with no where to go she hops in the car with kipp and rolls to Fargo which is 5 hours away to stay with an aunt only to find that the aunt is on vacation in San Francisco. So slightly annoyed with her kipp feeds her and drops her off at the mall and wishes her well.

The moral of this post is that its okay to be young and have fun but know when your in over your head. You have to know when life is giving you signs that you are not as grown as you think you are. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and ask for help. I know this was long but there was a lot to catch you guys up on. Sioux falls South Dakota tonight. Only a little under two weeks left.  Say word!

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