New Song “Batch Confusion” + Lucid Logic (Illogic + Lucid Optics) “Falling into Winter” Announcement + General Update

Hello my people,

It has been a crazy year from the wins to the losses, but we are still here. If you follow me on social media then you have seen me talking about my new venture into production as well trying to move into some new musical places with my art. I have been working really hard on a lot of good music that i am excited to share with you guys, so much so that i might jump the gun here and there. PRIME EXAMPLE, I had previously stated that I would be releasing The Beauty in evolution: Vol 1, which will be the first project ever released by me that features my production on 11/17/16, but it was not ready so I did not. I did however release A song from the project called “Blank Eyes” that you can check out below:









This brings me to Lucid Logic which is a group that includes Producer, Emcee, Singer, Song writer, multi-instrument musician,  Lucid Optics and myself. Some of you may remember that we released “Penciled in” on New Years Day as a gift to introduce the idea of what we were doing.

Since then We are basically Finished with our Debut Album which we will hopefully be able to share with you next year. Until then we thought we would give you a little taste of our sound with A free EP that we are calling “Falling Into Winter”. It will be available on my Bandcamp on 12/20/16 which is the last day of Fall. You can Listen to the First Single from the EP called “Batch Confusion” below:

Thanks for all of the support.

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