Super Duty Tough Work Episode 41: How to Maintain Friendships During Conflict

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While conflict between competing rappers is a relatively common occurrence in hip-hop these days, it’s much more rare to see two friends air their dirty laundry in public. Well, not this week as Kanye West returned to the news for his on-stage tirade against his close friend Jay Z. We’ve all been there before; arguing and beefing with friends and family over small things. But we wouldn’t be grown ass men if we didn’t frown upon this type of behavior, and we wouldn’t be the MVP (Most Valuable Podcast) if we didn’t give you nine rules to help you handle conflict with your friends without escalating things.

Why Do We Fall in Love with Hip Hop (culture)?

I love hip hop    We are all drawn to hip hop for different reasons. For some of us its a home, a shelter or place of comfort. For others it the attraction of having a good time with no strings or judgement. For me it was an escape from my life in times of despair and desperation as well as an area when I was accepted no matter what. Most of the friends that I have made in and because of hip hop are just as screwed up as I am if not more, but that’s okay. Hip hop doesn’t judge us. Hip hop doesn’t ask anything from us that we do not have the means to provide. Hip Hop is a “come as you are” mantra. Hip Hop is our rocking roll. This is why we fall in love with it because hip hop  allows us a freedom that in many of us has been suppressed, if not by our environment (home, neighborhood, church) then by ourselves for fear of what people will say or how we will be looked at if that part of us is revealed. Of course there has been a obvious perversion of our culture that is present to the main stream global community, but that doesn’t take away from its foundation. That perversion doesn’t taint or belittle our love.

This post was inspired by a friend of mine who sent me an email a week or so ago with his epiphany as to why he became part of the culture. Here is what He sent me:

Growing up I definitely loved hip hop, but really did not know why.  I loved nearly everything about it.  I studied it more intense throughout High School and at the age of 18 began to participate in hip hop.  I knew that I wanted to participate in it, and that it is a participation sport.  The only requirement was being yourself.

Now at the the age of 35, KRS 1 helped me now understand why I even liked it in the first place.  It is a deep complex industry now that has transformed multiple times and has had multiple movements in the last 50 years.  Kool Herc adopted a style of deejaying in Jamaica that he brought with him when his family moved to NYC in 1967. He loved the way the deejay interacted with the crowd in Jamaica, and their spin back technique of restarting the record among other things.  No one was going to tell him it was the wrong way to do things in the Bronx because it was his way.  And he liked his way.  Blend one break right into the next, fuck the rest of the song.

Owning your Identity seems like a fairly simple thing to do.  When you DO own your identity, no one or thing can tell you what to do.  Again, this is why I loved hip hop.  No one could tell hip hop what say or what to do.  Now as an adult it is clear as day, that this truly what I loved about hip hop.  You could be yourself, and not only that, it is a requirement to be yourself.

In Middle School (arguably the roughest time in a kids life) kids are flat out mean.  In this age range we see conformity taking shape.  Those who follow to so because they’re scared and don’t understand that they’ve just given up their identity in order to feel safer.  The day I became a man was in the 7th grade. This was the time that I decided no one was going to clown me for ANYTHING.  I was going to own it all, the good along with the bad.  Yes, I have zits.  Yes, I like hip hop (even though I don’t know why) and yes, I masturbate a good deal because it’s new to me and girls won’t sleep with me yet (wait till summer next year lol).  I owned everything.  Dress and style were only as hard as what I liked.  Throw out the rest.  (Just give me the breaks Herc).   My music, My art, My education (fuck yes I get 3.5 so what?), my Mathematics, are all cool.  No matter what, because I AM ALLOWED TO HAVE A FUCKING OPINION.

And so do you.

Be yourself.

Love, Bobby

hip hop

We all have our own experiences and reasons for being part of hip hop whether as a fan or and artist or combination of both.

What made you fall in love with hip hop?

“Penciled In” By Lucid Logic (Illogic & Lucid Optics)


About a Year ago I did a few Shows in Cali with Bottled Water and This Guy named Lucid Optics was opening up. I was instantly drawn to is Style of production and Skills on the mic. After he got off stage I congratulated him on the great performance and asked if he would be interested in working on some music. So here we are now. Lucid Logic is born. check for the full length coming along with a few other projects that I am working on.

Ill2lectual and I are working on a follow up to Something in the Water and so much more

Hope You enjoy… And Have a Happy New Year!!!




The Five Spot: Gold Poo NYC


“Art is always in the eyes of the beholder. Only posterity has the right to point out our mistakes.” -Len Wein

What is art? Is it the unmistakable beauty of the Sistine Chapel? Is it the perfection in the brushstrokes of the Mona Lisa? Is it the off-kilter architecture of the Leaning Tower of Pizza or the unorthodox stylings of Zephyr writing his name on a wall? What you or I consider art may fall in completely different places, but there are a few things that all of the above examples embody; creativity, drive and purpose. In our youth we always hear about the Michelangelos, Rembrandts, and Picassos of the world, but are never exposed to artists like Jean-Micheal Basquiat, Lady Pink or Barry McGee a.k.a. Twist.


I see art in all that is around me and not all of us think in those terms. Many don’t take the time to see the beauty or the ugliness in their surroundings. Its okay to find something special in all that you see. It is Okay to see the amazing in how the wind flutters through the leaves of trees or the wonderment in the structure of a house or the imperfect perfection in the face of your mother and believe in your heart of hearts that that is art.

Gold Poo NYC is a person that sees the beauty and a purpose in the art of the world, but he also see the world that those around him have turned to crap. He notices the broad brush used to try to make this broken, disgusting and dis-guarded world that we have corrupted presentable. In that , his art speaks for itself….

Please enjoy the five spot with GOLD Poo NYC:

Who is gold poo?

Just a normal guy who walks around NYC painting the dog poo Gold!  My hope is that people don’t step in it. However, there is a meaning behind it – most shiny coveted items are really just shit underneath.

As your friend I remember how seeing the movie Pollock about famed abstract impressionist Jackson Pollock changed you. What about him and his approach inspired you as an artist moving forward from that time?

It was the fact he made something out of nothing and his instructions were, “just don’t think.”  I remember that as the first time I felt empowered to really create.

The Gold Poo project is focused more around found art and making a public statement. But I owe a lot of my general interest in art to Mr. Pollock.

Not many of my readers may know about the world of street art or art in general. Who are some of the artist you are really into right now new and/or old? Street artists or otherwise?

Brian Kirhagis, aka BK the artist, is the most amazing artist I’ve met while in NYC. His work is amazing, from the heart, and it usually makes a powerful statement.

What excites you about the world of art present and future?

There is massive interest in street art, and fine art right now.  I’ve seen street artist do canvas work and sell out a whole show, and I’ve seen canvas painters transition to street art very successfully as well.

Whats next for gold poo?

I try not to think about that and just have fun. So far this whole thing has come together organically. I’m just going to keep having fun.
Please checkout his art on Instagram @GoldPooNYC

The Dove ink Sessions: Work for Peace


The Dove Ink Sessions COVERWhat up People…Starting today Me and Aaron Evans (Formally known as Eyamme) will be releasing the first Song from our upcoming project The Dove Ink Sessions: Work For Peace. Each week on #NewMusicMondays we will be releasing 1 song recorded between 2002 and 2007 when the two of us ran Dove Ink Records together. Being that this is in the era before Aaron Evans started doing vocals I handles all the rhymes and Aaron handles the beats. These tracks are raw and untouched in there original form. Most are early yet solid mixes but by the time we finish releasing the many random tracks we have in the vault we plan to give them a little extra polish and shine. So Check out the First Joint Hot lead…Below…

Journal entry 8/7/13: Poem- Empty Streets

Empty streets are full of nobody’sempty street
Looking for somebody to hold
Variations of lonely are a great flood
Engulfing souls for 40 days and nights
The lights flash but tomorrow never dies

Lies are neighbors knocking on doors to borrow cups of sugar
The bigger the barrier the more challenging the climb
The more lessons learned on the way
Keep me in your prayers
hands folded
Eyes closed
Cause I’ve never seen a unicorn dance with such grace and I’m afraid its all a dream
As The lights flash
But Tomorrow never dies

Carry me far away from these reflections of the empty
Nothingness wrapped in rainbows
You want to be all you can in theory
but u keep running from yourself
And there in lies the crime
Passion is a high wire walk with no fear
While the lights flash only guaranteeing that tomorrow never dies

I’m here for a reason
To hold your hand and let u know its going to be ok
To let you know that your tomorrow is bright and brilliant
To show you that there is no comfort in success.
To show you that there is hope in the pain that you endure for the night because joy rides bareback on the morning light.

Embrace the life of the Flashing light in tomorrow


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