Journal Entry 7/30/13: The Road. The Sacrifice.

IMAG0020Don’t get me wrong, I love being out here traveling the country rocking the stage for the fans and getting to meet them, putting some faces with names. Getting paid to do something I love is an absolute plus. Even getting a little time to my self away from the everyday pressures of life even for a moment is cathartic in a sense, But the road can be a lonely place. I love the time that I get to bond with my brothers out here facing and overcoming adversity and/or having those special moments where we have the perfect night. The sound is perfect. The openers or dope. A healthy crowd is there to have fun with us. Merch is moving from the table and we kill our sets.There is nothing like that feeling when your out on the road.

But for me as a family man there is a lot that I sacrifice to be out here. For me it is a catch 22. On one hand being on the road is something that I have missed for the past few years that I haven’t been out. This is the best job in the world and I wouldn’t want to trade it for any other job. I feel like I am out here fulfilling purpose. I have always thought that this is what I am called to do and to be out here doing it, planting seeds with the gift that God has given me is an amazing feeling.

On the other hand I miss my family. All of the little things that annoy me when I am 20130406_172630home I miss. How Ironic. I miss my children waking me at 8 in the morning asking to play video games. I miss hearing them bicker over nothing just as brothers do. I miss there individualness shining through them with a blinding hue…I miss my boys immensely.

I miss my wife terribly. I miss here morning attitude cause she hates mornings, especially if she has to go to work. I miss her smile. I miss seeing here talk to me. I miss here touch. I miss her little quirks that annoy me, most of which I can’t mention with out suffering her wrath when I get home. I miss her warmth. I just miss her.

Many fans don’t know and maybe some do, but as artist, especially those with families sacrifice much to be out here with you. Some of us have families that we leave to come and spend time with you because we love you as well. We appreciate you loving us and supporting us and what we love, so our way of showing it is to continue to put out music that we hope you will love and come and see you a few times a year. In that we leave 20130726_234247much of what makes up the artist that you support behind. Without our families we would not be the people that we are. Without or families some of us would not have the drive to be the very best at what we do and we leave all of the love and all of the comfort of our domestic family to be with our musical family. Though there is love and admiration out here on the road it is not the same. Many of my friends that are artist have children and wife’s that they leave to come and play for you and take pictures with you love it. But never discount the sacrifice that that person is making to take that picture and perform your favorite song. In 2004 I missed the birth of my youngest son. I was on the road and he was about a month old the first time I saw him. This is what prompted my 5 year hiatus and had me close to retiring, but I am an artist. I can not walk away from purpose like that. I am learning to balance the passion for my family with the passion of my music. It is a constant struggle but to see the looks on the fans when we have a show in their city or seeing the look on my wife’s and children’s faces when I finally come home makes it all worth it.

Journal Entry 7/27/13: Welcome to Asheville

AshevilleSignAsheville, Nc is one of those places that if you visit once you never forget. It’s a small city of about 100,000 so the community is really close and really liberal. A lot of people call it a hippie Town. The people have beautiful spirits and would give you the shirt off of their back if it came down to it. It has the feel and closeness of a neighborhood. The last time I was here was about 10 years ago with E&A and I played with Blueprint and the original Greenhouse Effect a few years before that. We played this spot called the Music Zone back then. It was the spot a perfect venue. The perfect size for the Perfect people. This time we played a spot called Timo’s House ( and I think this is the new spot in Asheville, for us at least. Its a nice size bar with a small stage. Very intimate. It was thick in there and people in Asheville love to dance. Blueprint and I killed and Dj Rare groove closed out the night with a dance party like only he can do. It was a great night.

This weekend they were having the Bele Chere Arts and Music Festival ( which is a large festival that they have had in this town for over 35 years. For Columbus heads it’s like if Comfest span our whole downtown. It was full of awesome venders, art and fun music. We got to hang out for a while and it was a really good time. I was told that during this festival the population of the city grows from 100,000 to 300,000 people so it was great time for us to play. During my time exploring the festival I wrote a little poem that describes the diversity of the festival and the city itself…

Strollers pushed by teenage mothers and or nuclear family members
Mimes painted silver frozen for change
Violins loop as a tilt a whirl whirling notes of a tomorrow remembered
Sun dresses kids in khaki shorts and tanks
Topless matriarchs bear their hearts cage screaming freedom
Intellectuals discuss philosophy on street corners no matter how misguided or off kilter they seem
Off key karaoke religious zealots only sharing the anger of God and forfeiting his love loosing souls with fear camouflaging their message.
Only on a beautiful day in Asheville.

More to come. You can still catch the “Bend but Don’t break Tour when it hits your city…

Sat. July 27th – Johnson City,TN @ Mecca Lounge |

Sun. July 28th – Nashville, TN @ The East Room |

Weds. July 31st – Dallas, TX @ Crown and Garp |

Thurs Aug 1st – Austin, TX @ ND Austin |

Friday Aug 2nd – San Marcos, TX @ The Triple Crown |

Sat. Aug 3rd – San Antonio, TX @ The Limelight | 

Sun. Aug 4th – El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls w/ Souls of Mischief |

Mon. Aug 5th – Santa Fe, NM @ The Lodge at Santa Fe Cabaret |

Tue. Aug  6th – Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS |

Weds Aug 7th – San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar |

Thur. Aug 8th – Flagstaff, AZ @ Green Room |

Fri. Aug 9th-  Los Angeles, CA @ The Airliner |

Sat. Aug 10th – Oakland,CA @ The Legionnaire Saloon |

Mon. Aug 12th – Boise, ID @ The Shredder | 

Tue. Aug 13th – Spokane,WA @ Carr’s Corner |

Wed. Aug 14th – Missoula, MT @ Stage 112 |

Thur. Aug 15th – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Project |

Fri. Aug 16th Ketchum,ID @ Whiskey Jacques |

Sat. Aug 17th – Bozeman,MT @ Zebra Cocktail Lounge |

Sun. Aug 18th – Great Falls, MT @ Machinery Row |

Tues. Aug 20th – Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium |

Wed. Aug 21st – Sioux Falls, SD @ Billy Frogs |

Thur. Aug 22nd – Duluth,MN @ Red Star |

Fri. Aug 23rd – Green Bay,WI @ JD’s Bar |

Sat. Aug 24th – Minneapolis,MN @ Pour House |

Mon Aug 26th – Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme |

Weds. Aug 28th – Boston, MA @ Middle East Upstairs

Friday Aug 30th – Pittsburgh, PA @ Thunderbird Cafe

Sat. Aug 31st – Buffalo,NY @ Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar |

Sun Sept 1st – Erie, PA @ Crooked I