Where are the visionaries?

looking-up-eyes-faceVast fields and endless forests coated the earths surface hundreds of thousands of years ago. The planet was the home of animals and plant life with humans yet to be created. Then God breathed life into the earth and man was born. In order for man to survive he had to see beyond the horizon. He had to see what was not there. He had to have faith in the work of his hands. He had to be a visionary.

The building of shelter.  The development of weapons and other technology. The carving out of mans place in the world had to be seen before it was done for better or for worse. As man has evolved so then has his capacity for ideas to further the human experience again for better or for worse. Human beings are said to be at the top of the evolutionary ladder and in that we continue to find ways to explore new outlets for our creativity, our survival and unfortunately our destruction. Mans ambition is his greatest asset, but not understanding that there should be limits to that ambition is his greatest downfall. There is always room for progression. One should not place barriers on what they can achieve, but gluttony is a prison that is not easily escaped. Overindulgence and greed is a topic for another post that I will cover in the days to come.

The problem that I see is that the layman is no longer the visionary that he used to be. I am not speaking of anything grandiose like the invention of the aircraft or light bulb, I am speaking of the simplicity of seeing past your current situation. I am talking about man seeing himself better tomorrow than he is today and putting in the work to ensure the achievement of that desired improvement.

Too often we don’t see past where we are. Too often we don’t have the faith to build something to leave our children to be proud of. We all have the capacity to see beyond our own perceived limitations, but in most cases that ability is used either not at all or for trivial things, not things that will cement our legacy even in the minds closest to us.

Just as the Egyptians foresaw the pyramids of Egypt looking over an empty desert;Just as Civil Rights activist saw/see a world of inclusion in a climate of turmoil and conflict; so can you see a tomorrow that is bright and brilliant.

Many people find it hard so see past their currant experience or if they do they have a lot of hope with out any action behind that hope. I urge you to be radical. I urge you to see your self as more than you are today. I urge you to dream and work until that dream is realized. I urge you to know that you current situation is not the end of the line, but a building block to be used to reach new heights. Don’t put limits on yourself. In many cases we as people don’t progress because we are limited in out thinking. We do not see the Forrest for the trees. We only see what is right in front of of us, ignoring the beauty and possibilities of the world around us.

The book of life is full of blank pages. What will your story be? What will you leave as your imprint for those who follow or are you content with being Forgotten? See who you want to be in the minds of those who will come after you and become that. Work to be come that vision of yourself. Leave your children and your children’s children something to be proud of.

The Burden of Trust…Part one

trust 2With a sincere smile plastered across my face and a firm handshake given at first hello strangers are greeted. You can see the care in my eyes when we first cross paths as if we are long lost family members in each others presence for the first time. There is a genuine love for the human experience present when I encounter someone new. A blind trust drips from my speech in a way that some call naive, but I believe at their core all people are decent and that seems to be my down fall. I jump into that belief with both feet without the security of a parachute and no fear of the fall that may occur. I just see all people as good, taking no stock in the bridges I have had to burn in the past. There is something to be said about my undying faith in a human being as they are. I know that we are not perfect. I know that everyone does not have my best interest at heart, but I stand on the unshakeable encouragement that we have a concrete care for one another; that we all want to see each other succeed in life in some way. Even in the eyes of utter disdain I try to find a silver lining. I try my best to see the glass half full to a fault, so much so that I seem to get taken advantage of. My trust in the word of human beings is seen as a weakness, as an open door for exploitation for which I have no one to blame but myself.

I guess it’s because I actually believe in the mantra “treat people how you want to be treated” too much. I want to be seen as credible because I deserve to be; because I actually am. I am a loyal person that loves unconditionally and with my whole heart. I know that there are flaws in human beings because I have many myself, but I don’t interact with people based on the assumption that they are flawed. I don’t look for the short comings of those that come in contact with. I take you how you are and I give you the benefit of the doubt, but to what end? How many times must I watch people cast their honor in to the sea before I start to question the motive of any and everyone? With the amount of broken promises and empty words that I have encountered in my life it is a wonder that I am not more cynical when it comes to my dealings with people. It is amazing that I don’t give everyone the side eye when they say what they can and will do. I’m just not built like that. I am built to forgive and have faith. I am built to hope and dream that a better tomorrow is on the horizon for us all and I will do all that is in my power to help you get there. I have always thought in the terms of “We” not “I” and that is my Achilles heal. That is what has held me back in some respects.

trust1Many of you are aware and many of you are not of the departing of Manifest from Weightless who was on third of the original group greenhouse effect. Manifest was a part of our movement from the beginning. He was a integral part in the building of the brand of Weightless recordings. Over the years from the inception of our label we developed a brotherhood that we believed to be unshakable and uncompromising. To make a long story short, it was discovered that he was stealing from the company. He basically disregarded all that we had worked for to a point that the faith that we had in each other as a unit was tested. This unbridled betrayal created a rift between all of us that has since been repaired between Blueprint and I, but how we deal with people outside of our immediate core has been forever altered. This among other things has shaken my faith.

I am starting to look at the world with open eyes, but a somewhat closed heart and I hate it because it goes against my nature. This is due to there being only so much abuse one can take. There is only so much love you can give without reciprocation. You can only be so true for so long while being stepped on or overlooked. At some point something has to change. At some point the gate has to be closed where only those with the secret password can enter because lately I have had to burn too many bridges. I have had to become something that I have always despised, a skeptic.

I am lucky to have the people around me that I do. My inner circle it one of strength and support. I have a loving Wife and family that nurture my hope in human beings, but confront me with the question of how long? How long will you give credence to those undeserving? How long will you allow your heart to broken by the revelation that people are not all rainbows and cotton balls? The answer is no more. No more will I just take you at your word. I have to guard my hope in people in order to not become a shadow of myself.  I have to put up walls around my love so it is not completely invaded by the tragic misleadings of a society that only values the progression of self. I have discovered that it is one thing to have general faith in random humans, but it another to have faith in them implicitly. I am still a firm believer that at our core we are all good, but in reality our quest for greatness can get in the way of that goodness. Our want and need to progress can be a hindrance to our basic nature of love. I pray that my children are not turned off to love. I hope that my children do not become hardened to the human experience. Desensitization has become a disease in our society that allows us have no emotional attachment to how the choices we make affects others. I know that there is a general positive energy that is strong in the world and I still believe that it can be harnessed and change that fabric of our existence. I want to again be that fully faithful swan diver with no parachute again, but it’s hard when the winds continue the whip and whirl me in the opposite direction.

So what side of the coin are you on?  Are you a person that strengthens the resolve of the village or do you hold a book of matches in hand waiting to set fire to the structure of an open heart? Do you hold the progression of all in high regard or is the advancement of self you primary goal? We can all believe again. We can all rise as one, but we have to put “I” aside sometimes. Not all of the time, but sometimes. “I’ has it’s place but, there cannot always be a search for backs to step on. There has to be a sincere want to one day be the boost that catapults someone else to their goals. I take pride in the surety that there will be a revolution of selflessness, but I realize that there is still a long way to go.

Listen to the new Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) Single “Bend but Don’t Break” NOW!!!


Last week we announced that the new Greenhouse album Bend But Don’t Break will be released on Tuesday July 9th on Weightless Recordings.  Since that announcement, I know you guys wana hear some of the Music right?  Well, Here it is.  We proudly present the first single “Bend But Don’t Break,” which is the title track of the album.  As always, if you dig it please share it on your social networks.

Album available July 9th.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/96632698″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

link: https://soundcloud.com/printmatic/bend-but-dont-break-by

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Blueprint and Illogic Announce New Greenhouse Album and Release Date


Check out the below video with Blueprint and Illogic announcing the return of Greenhouse and their brand new album!

Its been almost two years since Greenhouse released their last project, Electric Purgatory Part Two. Well, the crew is back together and their new album, Bend But Don’t Break, will be released on Tuesday, July 9th. Mark your calendars. Pre-orders for the album will be shortly!

Thanks for the support

Just in case you missed their last release:

Capture the Sun song breakdown w/Lyrics (Pt 2)


Live from the Horizon

This song was birthed out of feelings of neglect and betrayal by some people that I had considered friends.  There are times when you have to stand up and say that you will not react to anything that is beneath you anymore and just live. At the time of writing the song I felt like is was me against the world and no one believed in me and my prosperity but me (and my wife).  This was a time when I could have retreated into depression but I made the choice to press on and have faith in what I was called to do and not just in financial prosperity (“the Mortgage”).  Wanting to prove my detractors wrong was also a motivating factor to ensure that I would progress as well.


Live from the horizon standing on a prayer

Nothings ever surprising so I don’t really care

Manipulatin the moon tide in my palm

A mind is so easy to lose in-between songs

This beer is flat and my makers is watered down

Don’t know where I’m at not really use to this side of town

Stars calling frantic I skydive for home

Bar calming the panic the likewise alone.

Simply sensationalized glamorized margin to fail

The enemies patronize our sterilized garden till bare

Walking this high wire to light a fire under the tea pot

All desire there left after throwing back those three shots

Toe tag em for the cynicism side show

Got to gag em quick but I prefer that we ride slow

All in together now all egos in orbit

I’m feeling better now my faith is in the mortgage ….

 Verse 2

They try to chain us to the monkey mechanism system

Van Gogh my lobes before I ever stretch an ear to listen

I’ve been alive since be for the master piece was finished

Bled ink supply dry before a single word was written

Type cast the outcast and by pass the circuitry

Please stash the free cash the triads are circling

The nomads are so mad there no path to follow

Eyes are so sad there’s no Laughs to borrow

I test my lungs limits trudging through a pack a day

Wana trust again in my friends more than my ash tray

There’s only so much a hardened heart can take

They don’t expect the quiet one to make some ripples in the lake

I’ve been here before and now I’m trying to catch the feeling

Of euphoria the that lives between the floorboards and the ceiling

Every time I think I’m home they wana throw me a distraction

Plant my flag in my passion Place my faith in waves crashing …

 Favorite Line:

I test my lungs limits trudging through a pack a day, wana trust again in my friends more than my ash tray…


As a Black man in America it is well known that there are injustices all around me. Understanding that the relationship or lack there of between the black community and the police is the direct result of many of those injustices is not foreign to me. I wrote this verse before Trevon Martin was murdered though it was not by a police officer is was by someone who thought that they had authority to just gun down a black person and not receive punishment just as the police that gunned down the 5 people that I named in my verse. Something is wrong when I have to fear for the lives of my children being taken by those that have sworn to protect them.


Vagabond automaton incinerated Relevance

Inebriated Justice Platter no matter the evidence

They walk into the sun set with death in each foot step

Leave Melancholy memories of those with Melanin

Aiyana Jones, Oscar grant, Tim Thomas, Amadou Diallo

Sean Bell all victims in the serve and protect side show

Either acquit or a slap on the wrist But if one of them get touched

Were supposed to Mourn when Karmas doin clean up

If a Piggy’s at the market please don’t reach into your pocket

Cause accidents happen when black men try to get their wallets

Hoses turn Gavels Citizens lynched by laws

Injustice is the Nooses they dangled us from all along

Gasping for Polluted air we breathe deep

Hoping that some day some one will care that we can’t sleep

Tried to pacify us with integration in this nation were black sheep

Sheered for our innovation and creative control

Favorite Line(s)

Leave Melancholy memories of those with Melanin

Aiyana Jones, Oscar grant, Tim Thomas, Amadou Diallo

Sean Bell all victims in the serve and protect side show

Either acquit or a slap on the wrist But if one of them get touched

Were supposed to Mourn when Karmas doin clean up

Where’s the Exit

Its hard to understand purpose and try to live it and walk in it. Sometimes doubt can creep in and make you wonder if what you are doing is really what you have been called to do. There are times when you just want to quit and give up. Things get so hard an you’re just looking for the exit so you can leave your problems and frustration behind. But I have learned that The problem with purpose is that you can’t escape it. You can try to ignore it but it will always be there staring you in the face. Some people make it their whole lives ignoring their purpose and some go though life never discovering it. Either way many times those people leave the regrets behind or an unfulfilled life. In the song I go from doubt to belief. I believe that I am called to do what I do. I believe that I was given the gift of song to help, guide, and lead and entertain the world and I do my best everyday to walk in that purpose. It’s not always easy. Sometimes you do want to find a way out but I know it is truly what I am called to do so I can’t escape it.


Stop drop and roll won’t expel the flames

The surface of the puzzle looks put together but underneath it’s incomplete

When catching shooting stars there’s danger to conceive

One wrong move and you won’t live to present the prestige

Throwing back Shots of vodka for the numb of it

Enemy in the corners of my life laughing and loving it

Trying to make molehills out of mountains struggling

Liquidate baggage gulping by the gallon for the buzz of it.

Never concede to failure I’m where faith should be

Unless Gods purpose for me is to bow out gracefully

But that hard to hold cause keep giving these words to write

Should ask him to repeat his self to make sure I heard him right

Tomorrow already seems dark I’m praying it’s nice and bright

My hopes and dreams are in this basket connected to a tattered kite

Is faith enough to keep me sane for another night

Was told that I was called for signs and wonders I just wonder if they’re right.

 Verse 2

Water is rushing flooding my leader ship

The surface of the puzzle looks put to gather but underneath it’s incomplete

Life’s a heavy load hope my shoulder stand the weight

Trying to avoid a check mate with the next move I choose to make

Flying in clear skies while my vision is distorted

Wanted to change the world but me changing just seems more important

Opening doors for laughter while I’m holding back the tears

Trapped in regression watching the progression on my peers

Was never happy beneath my privilege

And for some reason heaven wasn’t a strong enough incentive

It’s not easy being chosen

Trying to milk the purpose from promise that you’ve frozen

Knowing there’s no one to blame but him staring back at you

The kingdom seems so far away the world feels so tangible

My faith is enough to keep me sane another night

I know I’m called for signs and wonders and I’m sure that they’re right.


Favorite line:

I don’t have a favorite line in this song because each line means something to me dearly. This is my favorite song on the album.

She loves it

“She loves it” is a commentary on relationships that are not built on a strong foundation of two complete people. In being married to my beautiful wife for 11 years we have learned that we had to be complete in ourselves and love ourselves fully to love each other fully. When you have two people in a relationship that don’t know or love themselves they feed off of each others short comings and take pride in disaster. Until you are fulfilled as an individual you will never be fulfilled in a relationship with another person. This is from the perspective of the woman not being a fulfilled complete person and her inflicting that lack of fulfillment on any man she meets and how she loves to see him in the darkness with her. She can never have light in her life if she doesn’t choose it and does her best to pull other into her darkness.


It’s raining sunshine / A prosperous failure

Walking stagnate / The more I tell her

Watching blindly /the lost can find me

I’m past the future / the truth is lying

Alive to live / her heats in Mine

Giving to take / An imperfect time

Circle of square / Ordinarily rare

The darkness shines / She loves it


She had never been a live till she was chosen to die

Him finally saying hi would be his final goodbye

They had to stay grounded on the fly

But this beautiful tragedy had to be a fairytale and she loves it

She hate to love / The saddest smile

Never walks / But drives me crazy

Simply complex / Speak with silence

I’m past the future / The truth is lying

Built destruction / The sun is frozen

Always never / The worst the better

Violent peace / Complete confusion

The darkness shines / She loves it

Favorite Line:

She hate to love / The saddest smile

Never walks / But drives me crazy


Finally Free

For this song I wanted to talk about the price of freedom. Some people are in bondage and don’t understand what it means to be free. Some go through life and embrace what ever cages life throws at them never truly understanding that they are in a cage until it is too late. Some people understand their cage but choose to stay in it until it is too late. The stories are based on two poisonous relationships but your cage can be anything you allow it to be. The lesson is to allow yourself freedom or you could live to regret you choice to be caged.


He tried to leave like he really had a choice in it

Lost his pride and when he screamed lost his voice with it

She laughed when he cried but he just wanted the lies ended

Just wanted to last in the race didn’t care who’d win it

She only did what he allowed she ran ramped

Trampled all over his feelings until he couldn’t stand it

Blinded By his sunlight smile but what he was planning

Was a guarantee that that all of this abuse was about finish

And it never occurred to her that he was hurtin

That each word left a gash in his flesh That never closed until

He left gaspin for breath on the floor with his hands around her neck

Verse 2

She talked to the sky cause no human would lend an ear

Cried pint of blood cause no human deserved tears

She fell asleep in his arms that was her worst fear

Never believe she’d leave the road was too clear

Swallowed gun barrels to show that he was not afraid

Convinced her self all she deserved was a cage

She wasn’t scared of him she was scared of being betrayed

She knew what to expect no surprises that’s why she stayed

Embraced the beatings as acts of intimacy

The bruises outside were manifestations of what’s inside anyway

So the Day she slit both her wrist in her sleep she felt free

Favorite Line:

She laughed when he cried but he just wanted the lies ended

Just wanted to last in the race didn’t care who’d win it

Illogic & Blockhead on WFMU Friday!!!

Photo courtesy of Grand Griot productions
Photo courtesy of Grand Griot productions

Columbus, Ohio poet/emcee Illogic and New York City producer Blockhead,
who first collaborated back in 2000, recently teamed up again to record
two EPs and their first full length album project together – the April
16th TK via Man Bites Dog release “Capture The Sun” with features from
such artists as Slug (of Atmosphere), Blueprint, and Abstract Rude. This
week Blockhead and Illogic will join WFMU’s Billy Jam in the studio and
over the phone respectively to discuss their illustrious solo careers and
play tracks off their new album. Put The Needle On The Record – Friday
April 19th 7pm-8pm EST on WFMU 91.1FM www.wfmu.org