30 years

Dear World,

How do you sum up three decades? It’s very difficult but I do want the world to know that I have been blessed to be a part of you for these 30 years and I will continue to work and learn from all that you have and will continue to teach me. This is a time of reflection for me because it is only by the grace of God that I am still a part of you. I have had a difficult life that many will never understand, at times I don’t even understand it, but I have been taught many lessons from my accomplishments and my failures. This I know is all that you ask of me, is to be a productive member of your family and i hope that I have done a good job so far.

In this time of celebration I can not help but think of the Haitian people that have lost everything that they have, many with no hope of finding family members or ever living a “normal” life again. It makes me proud to see how you have put your own needs aside and have gone to their aid. This shows that no matter how it looks on an everyday basis, we are kind and selfless when we are needed and it is good to see. I am proud to be a part of you. It really hits home for me because these are people that look like me and my family and friends. That could be where my ancestors were dropped off 400 years ago so that could be mother, my brothers, my cousins, etc…It pains me to hear some in this world look down on them as second class citizens and have the nerve to say that we need to help our own and forget about them, but they are our own. They are a part of the human family. If they suffer we all suffer so lets help them get back on their feet.

Again I thank you. You have shown me how to love and that I, myself am worthy of it. You have shown me how to be a father and a husband and I am eternally grateful. You allowed me to work hard to get to 30 and I will work even harder in the days to come. Thank you for loving me and embracing me. I will not let you down…


Thoughts on 2009…

Ok, Now this is not going to be your typical list of everything that we all were witness to i.e. our first black president, Michael Jackson Dying, etc… I want to share my thoughts on the year; The things that I learned and experienced…

In this past year I have learned a lot about my self and the people that I have around me. I have learned who i can depend on in my life and who i needed to eject from my life. There is never a guide to how to be successful and live a drama free life or how to pick your friends, we just hope that we have people around us that we can trust; that are worth believing in and that believe that we are worth believing in. I have found that the word “Friend’ should never be taken lightly. I have made a few new ones and lost some old ones. I know now that there are people in my life that RIDE for me and my family; that really care about my well being and prosperity and that means a lot. Most of them have been in my life for years, but just this year showed me who i could depend on. Some of you know that This summer was one of the hardest summers any of us ever had to go through. Being broke. Not knowing when this bill or that bill would be paid. Barley making rent, etc… We all held in there and when I was going through there were a few people i could vent to, that gave me advice, that made me laugh, that gave me shit to do and songs to wright to take my mind off of the weight, ect… I love all of you and you have shown me that you also love me and i don’t know if know what that means to me but it means a lot. Thank You.

Another thing that i discovered is that I am a blessed man to have the woman in my life that i do. With all of the bullshit that we have put each other through in the early part of our marriage to now eight years later really enjoying life and each other is amazing. The journey that we have been on these years has been the greatest experience in my life and I wouldn’t change any of it for anything. You showed me this year that you trust and believe in me to be the man that God has called me to be. You have faith in me and that gives me the drive and determination to continue to make you as proud of me as I am of you. I love you and you are my best friend. I look forward to our sons growing up and eating all of my food it’s going to be great because we are working to be great.

Now For 2010, There is a lot to look forward to. I’ll be 30 years old on Jan 18th and I couldn’t be more excited. There will be a lot more music and moves made. I can’t wait to live and love Life another year. See ya’ll next year or as Bluprint would say see you in 2000-and-win…

2 fingers….

“Graveyard” Lost Diabolical Fun Joint

Hey, hope everyone is having a nice holiday experience.Just wanted to round out the end of the year with a lost Illogic song from the “Diabolica Fun” sessions: “Graveyard” (prod. by ill poetic) is an unreleased song that didn’t make the final version of Illogic’s “Diabolical Fun” (released earlier this year). The song originally closed out the album, but was cut because it just seemed a little too dark for the overall feel of the record (the song sounds like it looks outside). We figured we’d give something away for free for the holidays to remind people of Illogic’s comeback LP as well as his current Greenhouse EP with Blueprint. Also attatched are some “Diabolical Fun” snippets for anyone who hasn’t checked for it yet. On the Ill Po side of releases, be prepped for a 2010 full of projects/odd ideas (inluding the official follow-up to “The World Is Ours”).

“Diabolical Fun” can be purchased for 20% off right now @ http://www.weightlessmerchandise.com/

Graveyard www.zshare.net/audio/70225301c3ce693c

Graveyard instrumental www.zshare.net/audio/702253134fa3b9b5

Diabolical Fun Snippets www.zshare.net/audio/7022530894cbe918


Greenhouse 101 (Illogic and blueprint)

Click the banner above to preorder!!!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_NOhJcj77g&hl=]

Here are the details:

– pre-orders for the first EP will begin on monday oct. 26th
– cd sells for $4.99 and comes with instrumentals and free 11×17 poster
– orders will SHIP out on tuesday november 24th (unless you live in Ohio, they might be off a day or so but you will have them by the 28th at the latest.

Reason for this is that the downloadable version will be available on tuesday the 24th. if you’re buying the CD you don’t have to worry about what you’re buying being available before you even get to buy it, you know? the street date for actual stores is Tuesday Dec 1st.

Special note:

– we are also going to have Greenhouse hoodies (with the logo seen in the youtube clip) available. These hoodies are $25 by themselves, but there will be a deal where you can get the hoody and the CD for $25 + shipping (which includes the poster). the hoodies will be in three styles: black hoodie w/ white print, green hoodie w/ white print, and grey hoodie w/ black print. sizes are large, xlarge, 2xl, and 3xl. Its gettin cold, people need hoodies. word.

All of this will be posted on the front-page and on the store on Monday.

Details on the cd release party will be announced next week as well.

Thanks for the support

The ups and downs…

This goes to to all of the people who are on some “Oh you tour that sweet. you must be living the life” shit… It’s real out here. You have your good nights and you have your bad nights. Until your selling 20, 000 records your not going to have all good shows. Hell, even when you get to that point you still have the ups and downs. Sometimes you perform in front of 2000 people. Sometimes 2 people, you just have to roll with the punches. It can be a roler coaster ride, but in the long term this shits is worth it if it is what you are called to do. For example, on this tour we’ve had a show where only 4 people came (Bloomington, IN), but tonight (Minneapolis, MN) about 250was out to see US. I put infacis on US because we played in Souix Falls, SD and played infront of about 200 people, 5 of which was there to see us. We moved 1 CD. It’s real out here in the field. Don’t get it twisted.

You have to really be called to do this to do this. It ain’t all sweet.

Talk to Ya soon..

2 Fingers…

Tour Life vs Family Life

Now Usually cats out on tour give you the play by play of each show, let you know what the sales are like, etc. Let me wrap that up real quick…

Athens, oh…Not a big crowd, but you can’t buy the energy they gave us. It was a good show and we got merch off.

Traverse city, Mi…Really good crowd. Again not huge, but the energy was great. Killed it on merch. Manwell got em moving at the end of the night…Dope!

Bloomington, In…Now this was a tough one. We were up against Kool Keith down the street and an annul free festival in the city. Needless to say, not a good look. Made some connects though and the promoter knew what we were up against so it was all good.

Now to the real shit…As many of you know, I haven’t been on the road for real in about 3-4 years so I was really excited about getting back out and meeting and greeting the fans, Rocking in different cities, etc… that’s what I missed. I missed going out and doing what I feel God has put me on this earth to do.

Before I was leaving home I had to explain to my children what was going on and why daddy would be gone for so long. They know dad raps and does shows, but the last time I went on the road I only had 2 kids with one on the way and my oldest son was was only 3 so he really didn’t understand what was going on. This time they have a better understand of what dad being a rapper comes with; Dad has to leave and be gone for a long time. Now granted, I love the fact that they have a better understanding of what I do, but I makes it so much harder because they have a better understanding of what I do. They are fans of my music and are really proud to tell their friends that “my dad is on tour” with my tour poster in hand, but when they get home they are constantly asking mommy when dad is coming home. Following this path that I know that God has me on has it’s ups and downs, it’s Highs and lows, but at the end of the day I know God never gives us anything that we cant handle. That goes for my Wife ,My children and myself. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to be away for my lovely wife and my beautiful kids, but the shit ain’t easy. I guess that why it’s the road less traveled.

Dj Manwell and I were speaking the other night and the foundation of the conversation was “Many are called, but few are chosen”. It’s not easy to be “chosen” and walk in that calling as a “chosen” person. The fact that you as an individual is “chosen” means that your family is chosen to walk that path with you…Your TRUE friends are chosen to walk that path with you, the list goes on. You are not alone in this world. Everything you do in life affects more then just you , most of the time inadvertently, so you have to be sure that you contemplate the consequences and benefits of the choices you make because many will be affected no matter the outcome.

To my family, I love and miss you all. Thank you for supporting me all these years. It will not be in vein.

To my boys, Be good! Daddy will be home soon.

To My beautiful wife I love and appreciate all that you do for me. Thank you for choosing me. I’m a much better man for it.

To the fans, I’ll see you in the next city…

“I heard that life is what you make it so I made it song,
for the world to hear and hopefully you’ll sing along”
Illogic “The Missing Pieces”

2 fingers…

The Diabolical Fun Tour

Columbus, OH — Upon the official release of his Diabolical Fun album on March 24, Illogic set his sights on lining up a tour that would reach the fans who have supported him on the journey of creating his fifth full-length project. The Diabolical Fun Tour will kick off on April 16 in Athens, Ohio, and will commence through May 17 as Illogic hits cities throughout Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona.Graciously received by critics, Diabolical Fun is Illogic’s first full body of work in nearly five years. The songs showcase his range of songwriting, from harder lyrical tracks like “Let’s Go” to more sentimental poetry like “I Know You.” To celebrate the tour, Illogic went back into the studio to record the remix for the title track “Diabolical Fun” with Slug of Atmosphere, Aesop Rock of Definitive Jux and Zerostar of Weightless Recordings.

Zerostar and DJ Manwell will perform alongside Illogic throughout The Diabolical Fun Tour. Meanwhile, producer/emcee Ill Poetic, who also produced the entire Diabolical Fun album, will be off on his own Re:Definition Tour with Zone and DJ Rare Groove. The Diabolical Fun Tour and Re:Definition Tour will meet up for one dynamic night on May 1 at Red’s Bar in Sioux City, Iowa.

As the Diabolical Fun Tour progresses, more dates in new cities may be added. For now, Illogic is preparing for the exciting weeks ahead. “I’ve never been more excited to go on tour then I am for this one,” he says. “I look forward to getting face to face with the fans once again. It’s been way too long! The making of Diabolical Fun as an album was an amazing experience, and I excited to bring the music to life on stage.”

Diabolical Fun Tour Dates:

4/16 – Athens, OH @ Casa Cantina (6 W State St, 45701)4/17 –

Traverse City, MI @ The Loading Dock (205 Lake Ave, 49684)4/18 – Bloomington, IN @

Rhinos (325 S Walnut St, 47401)4/20 – Lawrence, KS @ The Jackpot Saloon (943

Massachusetts St, 66044)4/22 – Lincoln, NE @ The Box Awesome (815 O St, 68508)4/23 –

Sioux Falls, ND @ Nuttys (3400 W 49th St, 57106)4/25 – Minneapolis, MN @ Dinkytowner

(412 14th Ave Se, 55414)4/26 – Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar (1020 Westport Rd, 64111)

4/28 – Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews (212 4th Street, 50309)4/30 – St Louis, MO @

Atomic Cowboy (4140 Manchester Ave, 63110)5/1 – Sioux City, IA @ Reds Bar (1919 Pierce

Street, 51104)5/2 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Highberry (2322 S Kinnickinnic Ave, 53207)5/7 –

Austin, TX @ Karma Lounge (119 W 8th St, 78701)5/8 – San Antonio, TX – venue TBA5/9 – San

Marcos, TX @ Triple Crown Live (206 N Edward Gary, 78666)5/10 – Las Cruces, NM @ Code

Red Café (1160 El Paseo Rd, 88001)5/11 – Pueblo, CO @ Zippers (326 S Union Ave, 81003)

5/12 – Denver, CO @ Bases Loaded (3109 Federal Blvd, 80211)5/13 – Ft. Collins, CO @ The

Cork (313 W. Drake Rd, 80526)5/14 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Bar Deluxe (668 S State St, 84111)

5/15 – Tempe, AZ @ The Sets (93 East Southern Ave, 85282)5/16 – Flagstaff, AZ @ The Joint

(110 S San Francisco St, 86001)5/17 – Tucson, AZ @ November Bar & Cabaret (4001 N Romero

Rd, 85705)

See you when we see you…

2 Fingers…

Just to catch you up…

I haven’t Dropped any Jewels in about two weeks Heres why…

For those that Don’t know I dropped new album “Diabolical Fun”, Available here:


After a long hiatus the wait is finally over! Columbus emcee Illogic returns with his fourth full-length album Diabolical Fun, produced entirely by Ohio producer on the rise Ill Poetic. Guest vocal appearance from Ill Poetic as well. CD ships with FREE Instrumental CD!

CD $7.99
Add to Cart

if you want to purchase it and support the movement otherwise I know it’s all ready up for free download all over the net, I’ve checked.

We had the Album release Party’s last week. The First one was in Dayton on March 24Th, Release DAY!(Forborne)@ One Eyed Jacks. It was a good Time Catalyst and Zerostar Opened. It was a good Night. We killed. My Wife and her Sister came down with me. Before the Show I had some bars to drop at studio that you will hear shortly. You know what it is…

On March 25Th I went to work And Finished up my old Poetry Books “Living my Mind Away”. Got those printed up and Assembled When I got Home. As I was Putting those togather I Watch A Documentary on the Poet Allen Ginsberg. It was Very good. Took me a few Hours to get those books assembled, but I Got them ready for Fri.

On the 26Th again went to work and printed off the new Book “Tomorrow’s Memories”. After work had my Wife drop me off at Kinko’s so I could Assemble those as well. Had to print off the covers and Get em Stapled up.

Now the Big Day…The Columbus Release party. Had the Article in The Alive popin. Flyer’s passed out over the Last few months. A good Bill. I was ready and Excited. Got the Fly gear. Went to the Thrift Store to get the fly jacket to go with the Fly Old Navy button up from Plato’s closet. Topped off by the Nice Dockers Fedora. I was set.

Got to the Venue About 7:30. Sound man Arrived about 8. Sounchecked and Sat at the Merch table. For others that Do this the hardest Time to relax is between 9, which is usually doors and around 11 when the First act hits. This is when the crowd either Swells up or you see that you have no fans. Fortunately I have Fans, friends and Family.

My mom and dad came out as well as some Aunts and Cousins. Mad co-workers. I felt really supported.

Bottom brick Opened up and did their thing. J Rawls and Middlechild did well. I don’t think that the Crowd was ready for what Middle was doing. I enjoyed it.
Then It was my turn. My Set Felt good I flubbed in one place, but over all Killed. Had my man Possum do the lights for me. Camera Crew was there. You’ll see the footage soon. Sold Mad merch, it was an over all great night until…

The Wife and I go out to the Durango on a High…Driver side rear window is Busted out. This immediately Kills my mood. Glass all over the car and ground out side the car. Got me for my Cordless Mic, My wife’s purse and out digital camera, which had many great pic from the night.

I think I know who did it too. Over all the night was awesome and I thank all who came out And all that support me who didn’t come out.

2 Fingers…