Greenhouse “Bend but Don’t Break” Tour dates Announced!


Blueprint & Illogic will be hitting the road for their first national headlining tour as Greenhouse, in support of their upcoming album Bend But Dont Break.  The tour dates will run from July 12th through August 31st.  Please note: the below list is just the shows that are confirmed so far–it is not a complete list.  More dates will be announced over the coming weeks.


Friday 7/12/2013 Columbus, OH @ Carabar | EVENT PAGE
Saturday 7/13/2013 Fairborn, OH @ One Eyed Jacks | EVENT PAGE
Thursday 7/18/2013 Huntington, WV @ V Club | EVENT PAGE Continue reading Greenhouse “Bend but Don’t Break” Tour dates Announced!

Capture the Sun song breakdown w/Lyrics (Pt 3)

Capture the Sun CD- 14.00

Here is the last installment of the “Capture the Sun” Song breakdown. Sorry it took so long to finish. I hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope you enjoy the Album. Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of the entire series of post. Many people have expressed interest that i do this with my other albums so I’m compiling all of my lyrics and attempting to fulfill that request. Thank you for listening. If you miss the first two installments feel free to click on the links below and start from the beginning.

Song breakdown w/ lyrics part 1

Song breakdown w/ lyrics Part 2


One way ticket F. Zero Star

One way ticket is a rant of sorts. It is me being frustrated with the world that I live in and some of the things in my personal world as well. It is me wanting to live in a place of comfort and trust, a place of love and honor and a place of peace and tranquility.  This is not the world that we live in at this moment but I came to realize that I form the world that I live in. I choose to have peace or live in chaos. I choose to live with love and honor in my heart. I choose to trust, So if I just believe that I have the power to create my world with God’s help then I will be ok.

Intro (Zero Star)

I got a one way ticket I don’t know what I’m a do with it

One way ticket so I’m guessin I should use it quick

One way ticket I don’t wana be abusin it

One way ticket so we write it hope the music sticks

But alas we are here so the past that you fear will it last even here

Perhaps what you hear is claps and the cheers

so that what you hear yeah laugh through the tears

Verse 1

I wana go where the sun never sets

Where class is based on respect far from the devils rejects

Where pain is a memory and joy is normalcy

Where banishments the result of conformity

I wana go where love is the foundation of living

Where we cherish what we receive and polish what we’re giving

Where children sing and dance shielded from struggle

Where you progress further the harder you hustle

I wana go where I’m immersed in bliss

Where my wife skis is the alarm that wakes me from my slumber

Where we use our brains to fight not fists

So we can find peace in the beauty of lightning and thunder

I wana go where my sons are the light of my day

Where they listen to what I do and watch what I say

Where the see the honor in the times we pray together

and feel pride in the fact that we pray together

Hook (Zero Star)2x

Far far away from here yeah that’s the ticket

So can you help me out with my one way ticket

I heard that heavens really off the chain we can kick it

I’m out here trying to hustle for my one way ticket

 Verse 2

I wana go where the truth has no foot notes

And to most is no surprise that hope floats

Where what we say on mics is tuned to the key of life

Where your willing to pay the cost no matter the price

I wana go where hip hop is how we live and how we walk

What we wear the books we read and how we talk

Not what set we claim or the length of our chain

But a medal of honor beyond a musical genre

Wan go where I can breathe and leave the nicotine dependence

That’s a feat in itself but I’ll take it by inches

Where the land of the free and home of the brave comes to its senses

And comes to its own people s defenses

Where our leader is competent

And wouldn’t wave a flag of mission accomplished

if his people are still in fear of bomb threats

Where we know we’re role models so our words are conscious

Never under estimate those who see through nonsense

Verse 3

I wana go where my friends are my friends because they love me

Not for who I am or what they can take from me

Where silence is priceless

And the breeze that walks through the leaves of the trees is free of crisis

I wana go to the sky and hold stars in each hand

Place a bow around the moon as a gift to my mother

So she never questions or doubts that I love her

Where I can be an island of refuse for each of my brothers

I wana go where reality is fantasy incarnate

Where loving and being loved is harmless

A place where children can relax cause their fathers are men

And their lives can be balanced from the day it begins

I wan go where women respect themselves so their respected

Where their virtue is praised and protected

Just wana go to a place where somebody cares

Then it hits me if I walk by faith then I’m already there

Favorite Line:

I wana go where love is the foundation of living

Where we cherish what we receive and polish what we’re giving

Where children sing and dance shielded from struggle

Where you progress further the harder you hustle

Atlantis Depth

This is actually A poem that I wrote at a time when I was lost and questioning my future In the world of hip hop. Life was weighing me down and much of it was My own doing.  I actually didn’t have my license so I was just feeling stagnate literally. I couldn’t move. And I felt like I was going crazy. I felt like I was in a ditch that was as deep as the lost city of Atlantis is in the ocean. I was being pulled in so many directions and music seemed to be getting me nowhere, but as I wrote this I felt free. I only had dreams to break my fall and after letting those feelings out I felt somewhat free and fearless because I was a gain starting to recognize my purpose in being the artist that I had become.


Haven’t had my license in a few years

so right now it’s illegal to drive myself insane

But laws are made be broken so I ride dirty 4 tracking

rocking a Roca-wear straight jacket

Consciously high wire walking no net to catch me if I’m fallin only dreams

In time realized I of sound mind find sound slaves who bathe in the sound waves of my blood stream

Cyclops watches from mountain top those who topple from pedestal praise

Show me a humble man and I’ll show you a hero

show me the prideful and I’ll show you an unmarked grave.

To demonstrate we excavate at Atlantis depth

Questioning questions don’t always lead to where the answers kept.

The Wicked live where faith and doubt intersect

so if it’s a last breath they’ll bleed it till no passions left.

Listen, only those who have mastered the framing of masterpieces will bask in the master’s peace

So recognize the genius in others in order for your genius to be recognized for the heights it’ll reach

Favorite Line:

Show me a humble man and I’ll show you a hero

show me the prideful and I’ll show you an unmarked grave.

Smile F. Abstract rude

Sometimes you have to smile to keep from Crying. With all that goes on daily in the world and all that goes on in our individual lives it gets harder and harder to smile. They say that it takes less energy to smile then to frown so if we smile more then we will exude more positive energy in the world. I try to keep a smile on my face no matter what adversity I go through and it helps me to keep a positive outlook on life even when I look out and there is nothing to smile about.  If we smiled a little more than we can reap it benefits.

(They Got me out here Dealin with) all of my trials and tribulations of the day
had to force me to smile
I’m smiling inside I’m grateful so never look a gift horse in the mouth
gettin tougher every mile strugglin to hold it down
makes it harder for me to smile
how my upside look now all the love that i found
gave me upside down frowns

Verse 1

The more I look for it the more it itches

The more I scratchin the stitches actin as if it’s not a load I chose to carry

Bury me 6 feet deep beneath Atlantis (please)

I never planned this to be as hard as it seems

Deemed a carcass of Dreams an artist of masterpieces

Givin the last of me is just part of the territory

Every story is a glorious link in the chain

A stream of rain fall and train rails the awe can make the brain fail

(Smile) I try to every now and then but every now and then

I’ll find a bone to pick that’s Missing Calcium

Is it a mystery the outcome isn’t easy to stomach

Wanted a fountain of truth in the youth but all I could do is (Smile)

Its never quite the Plight we intended when light is suspended

And we try to bend it to shape our darkness

If we wait as artists it will fall into place

So I’ll keep running this race with a smile on my face

verse 2 (Abstract Rude)

where can i turn when both cheeks have been bruised swollen
frozen in time Emmit till casket open hoping one day to smile
learn it’s no peace but we press forward
don’t wanna allow police beatings excessive force
peeping out Egypt and we thinking how they looked
king tut and the sphinx even got a facebook
and u facing a crooked government they put the drugs in the community
felonies off to prison where the brothers went
smile? how can I when they shutting down family businesses
smile? how can I when they handing out life sentences
smile you’ll do more for the world then frown
enjoy when u look around avoid what’s putting you down
killem with kindness when u smile your highness & then they bow
they couldn’t figure you out let’s face it you took the town
who u calling a rookie now cuz u couldn’t cage a brothas thunder
must’ve forgot age ain’t nothing but a number homie smile

Favorite Line:

Deemed a carcass of Dreams an artist of masterpieces

Givin the last of me is just part of the territory

Last Breath (Family Fabric)

This song expresses the love I have for my mother and father. This song actually took about two years to write. I actually had the first two verses for some time and then my parents were divorced so I had to finish the story. Originally I had a third verse that I never finished about my brothers, but once the divorce happened I felt in my heart that there needed to be closure to the song and an expression to my parents that we understood and that we would be ok. Needless to say this is my parent’s favorite song of the album.

Verse 1

You gave me a suit of sharp intellect a hat of rebellion To match

I rock em for the world to see as we speak wrapped in a smile

Many say that our actions and attitudes are similar

Vocab in the clouds wild no denying that I’m your child

And though biological wasn’t tangible I have to hand it to you

Cause you helped raise a man any father would be proud of

Encouraged me to be me and dream beyond my means

I gave your wedding ring to my queen when I found love

And though you didn’t want me at first I can only imagine

The feeling when the doctor came and told you I had cancer

Spreading from my eye to my brain the chances of me dying

Were high it’s insane what makes us turn to the most high for answers

I love you more then you know and the more that I grow

The more that I see all that you sacrificed trying to give me the best

You gave me all of you what more could I ask for

A mother beauty beholds I owe you my last breath

Verse 2

You gave me a suit of selflessness a hat of responsible to match

I rock em for the world to see as we speak wrapped in a smile

Hardly saw eye to eye but I watched you provide for the family

Treated me as an equal to my brothers though I wasn’t your child

Took on a weight to you shoulders that most men couldn’t bench

And you embraced it lased it from the love to the discipline

Of course I hated the long talks you would give us

But no matter how many times eyes rolled or shoulders shrugged I was listening

You one of the greatest men I’ve ever know and I mean that

From the depths of my heart your compassion has allowed me to say

That even though we met when I was 1 to this day

I consider you my father in every way I don’t care about DNA

I love you more then you know and the more that I grow

The more that I see all that you sacrificed trying to give me the best

You gave me all of you what more could I ask for

A father with the heart of a lion I owe you my last breath

Verse 3

Blessed to be your son every morning the Sun is risen

I can never ever repay you for all that you have given

Me, Mike, Zach and Elijah always had the best

So don’t worry we understand why you had to split

As long as you remember the love once shared no matter what you do

Know you’ll always be together we’re reflections of both of you

The laughter and the sunshine is etched in our memories

Hold on to all the good times we’ll give you the energy

Never regret a thing my God doesn’t make mistakes

He kept us all those years with his mercy and his grace

From Oak street to satinwood and places in-between

You’ve earned this time to finally go and live some of your dreams

Trained us in the way we should go won’t depart from it

Even if we stray now and then we won’t ever forget

That you gave us all of you what more could we ask for

Precious parents of purpose we owe you our last breath

Favorite Line:

And though biological wasn’t tangible I have to hand it to you

Cause you helped raise a man any father would be proud of

Encouraged me to be me and dream beyond my means

I gave your wedding ring to my queen when I found love


Many of us choose to walk through life blind to the fact that we are not alone. This is all by choice. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, this song is a testament that we keep our selves ordinary by choice when we are created to soar. It’s difficult to try to stay in that mindset when life smacks you in the face over and over again, but if you keep your eyes on your dreams and your purpose in life then you can be what you are called to be. Make the choice to see your greatness and you can fly without fear.


I stroll through life with a blind fold by choice

Hoping to avoid Danger

When I could just take it off and side step

The insanity of telling everything I know to a stranger

I try to talk to you every day

Pray and Digest some scripture

Struggling between doing it my way

And submission allowing you to breathe on the bigger picture


Simulated smiles flood the landscape

Elevated pride dilutes a handshake

(We talk with torn souls)

It’s difficult to walk the path and stay straight

Please guide my steps with your grace to seek your face

(Remove the blind fold)

Wings Spread hoping to catch the wind

Even though I’m anchored in earth and sin

(We walk with worn souls)

It’s difficult to walk the path and stay straight

Please guide my steps with your grace to seek your face

(Remove the blind fold)

 Verse 1

It’s like I’m banging on a door that I’m not meant to open

(Not without the sacrifice of making you my focus)

Need to remove self from the equation

All these years worked to polish perfect mask of patience

(No more illusions)

Smoke and mirrors shattered in the lime light

(All false delusions)

Scatter from the stage because the times right

(Please use my music)

To edify souls of the lost I just wana make sure I’m ready before stars turn off

(look) I’ve never been one to apologize but I’m sorry

for not nursing the gift I was given to show signs

Allowing fear and Pride to impede my stride

trying to keep one foot on the ground when I’m meant to fly

Verse 2

It’s like I’m waiting for some tragedy to force me closer

(Misplaced passion in apathy this wounded Soldier)

At times feels like a failure in your eyes

So I dig deeper convincing myself that I can hide

(Cried the Atlantic)

trying so hard to be a star

(When I should be a planet)

and bask in the orbit of who you are

(They don’t understand it)

but I’m here with arms stanched again

Just asking if you can wash me clean and be my friend

(Look) I’ve never been one to apologize but I’m sorry

For nursing the darkness in my heart keeping it alive

Allowing fear and pride to impede my stride

Trying to keep one foot on the ground when I’m meant to fly

Bridge 2

I stroll through Life with a blind fold by Choice

Hoping to keep my family from Danger

When I could just take it off

Lead with an example of confidence and not seem like such a stranger

We should talk to you every day

And as a family pray and Digest some scripture

No more doing it Our way

Well submit and allow you to breathe on the bigger picture

Favorite line:

(Cried the Atlantic) trying so hard to be a star

(When I should be a planet) and bask in the orbit of who you are


This is a response to the world that we live in especially how it relates to pop culture and the effect that it has on our children. As a father of three boys I see these effects close up. The problem is that we feed into what society tells us is normal. We feed into how society tells us we are supposed to act and what we are supposed to like and we pass these things down to the generations to come. I hope to leave a legacy of love and individuality to my children. I hope to show them that being your own person and thinking with your own mind is something to take pride in and be cherished. We can’t let society raise our children we have to take the responsibility to do it ourselves. If we don’t we can’t complain about how they turn out.

Verse 1

Showered in blankets of 2 dimensional soothsayers

Today’s truth shapers are stick figured visionaries’

There’s a gaping hole in the basket we’ve placed our eggs in

This explains the constant eggshell walking

Whole cities over run with village idiots and jester jingles

Mammoth misogyny massages the minds of model citizens

Children hold hands and dance in the cycles of history

Lost in limericks of its destruction with jovial denial

We take pride in confusion and find Laughter in the misguided

Capitalizing on whatever is deemed the most successfully desensitizing

We fight to win popularity contests and loose ourselves in the process.

Where will we draw the line to ensure future generations

aren’t ashamed of the legacies we leave?

Hook (Kristof Krane) 2x

Something’s missing its all wrong

We forgot how to move on

Mosey down this road alone

Till the Skin falls off my bones

Verse 2 (kristof Krane)

The won’t hang me from my family tree

Slowly fading now falling fast a sleep

Aside from aging there’s no past for me

No more debating

I’m making the best with what I have (3x)

 Favorite Line:

We take pride in confusion and find Laughter in the misguided

Capitalizing on whatever is deemed the most successfully desensitizing

Listen to the new Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) Single “Bend but Don’t Break” NOW!!!


Last week we announced that the new Greenhouse album Bend But Don’t Break will be released on Tuesday July 9th on Weightless Recordings.  Since that announcement, I know you guys wana hear some of the Music right?  Well, Here it is.  We proudly present the first single “Bend But Don’t Break,” which is the title track of the album.  As always, if you dig it please share it on your social networks.

Album available July 9th.

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Capture the Sun: Song Break Down w/Lyrics (Pt 1)

Buy “Capture the Sun” – $14.00

Many people seem interested in my thoughts on the songs for “Capture the Sun” and what they mean to me and what my favorite lines are. You guys also asked for the lyrics so here I thought I would post about it and give you more insight to the album content. I’m going to break this up into three parts because one post would be way too long. So here we go….

“Neva heard”
The concept behind “Neva Heard” stems from the thought of what if no one has ever heard of me before.? How would I want to present my skill with words and the depth of my writing?  I am not under the impression that everyone has heard my music so I just wanted to spit some bars that display a touch of me with word play and skill.


Verse 1:

Conscious with a purpose the undeniable viable franchise for the verses

These pre-Madonna rhymers lost their lip gloss in they purses

Now their stories make up don’t glisten as much even though they touch up the blush babbling

I’m on the road travlin

Thinkin of ways to make my days more extravagant

Heard that crime pays but it only the law of averages

Rather grow old chillin with my children eatin sandwiches

On the porch with my feet up then beat the street with savages lookin for scraps to eat up.

Though patience is a virtue I’m runnin out of it got to get back to the basics

Cause walkin in place is startin to wear the tread on my Asics

Ageless pages keep me eternal It’s a  challenge within it self

A rich man is one with knowledge happiness and his health

That’s obvious common sense way too intense for subtleties

You ridin the fence while lightin incense but I made my pick

Side chosen while sparkin the wicks of dynamite sticks I’m holdin

T minus ten then blowin

Verse 2:

Watch for the shrapnel that spreads

Tried to adapt to lampin in laps of luxury it seems then when I woke from my dreams no body’s touching me

I had the gull to turn my dreams to reality

Suddenly gluttony is everybody’s favorite sin mouths full with empty belly’s

Open your eyes the rich get their checks from the wealthy

I’m tired of clockin in watchin em break your spirits

but you left with no options when you acknowledge a glass ceiling

Shattered shards sliced me up something crazy but baby I’m healing fast

Every laugh is a band aid

I never embrace fear cause I’m beyond all the things that man made

A day in the life of the nicest writer you never heard

Favorite line
I never embrace fear cause I’m beyond all the things that man made

Pillow of dreams
This song is an insight to the conversations that I have with myself in my own head about my life and the life around me. It is kind of a scattered account of a dream chaser stuck between responsibility and the disregarding of responsibility to spreads his wings but in the end understanding that the embracing of responsibility it whats drives him to become his dream. Also if you notice the rhyme pattern is a little unorthodox. It may sound like I am not rhyming hardly but if you listen close I rhyme every 8 bars instead of the typical 2 or 4 bars. It allows space for my thoughts to flow with more layers also giving leeway to more internal rhyme and extended word play.



Face paints and pantomime

Daily operations in the cycle of the orthodox

Repetitious wastes of time

I’ll believe in you again as long as you don’t leave this box

All in together now

Give me your all and I’ll give you my opinion

And you seem so scared to smile

You have to learn to dance to get a chance at redemption

Just as the leaves change

Make sure your name embraces brilliance to be reborn

But tell me if you find insane

Heard he was last seen lost in a laugh traveling the path you’re on

Failure never fails to shoulder tap

Just knowing that is enough to keep the pistons pumping

I live for greatness

As an example to my sons I’ll capture the sun


I talk to the stars and walk on the clouds

Hold hands with lightning to strike fear

From where I stand there’s no living allowed

Only surviving the next sundial cycle


Telegraph punch is my poison of choice

Raise your hand when it tackles the blood stream

Recently removed the crutch from my voice

To take part in silence recital


Flat on my face for bridge burning pleasure

But the clouds are my footsteps with no fear

Went out on a limb after climbing the tree of life for good measure

There’s never been a sun rise as tomorrows


The morning of tonight is what we crave

I didn’t see you standing there eyes closed

Now you walk by sight and not by faith

I prey you have some new prey to follow


There was Too much time on my hands not a watch in sight

I hold an abacus in each pocket to countdown

The moments that change dark to light

All that we touch is so fragile


There’s rhythm in the wave crash

There’s music in the breeze

I was always the first to be the last

But having lasting life alone is a battle


The Casualties of war tastes so sweet

Even though your house of cards topple

You only asked to get some sleep

knowing the alarm clock was broken


Only if you could wake up

You could hear the cries of tomorrow’s memories

knowing that Your existence rides on the wings of a dove

Lets just hope when you arrive the door is open


Where do we go from here silence is golden

But I heard that noise shines platinum

If ever shed a single tear for the yesterdays stolen

Don’t wake me I smile in nightmares


Consequence holds me close to the bosom

I often thought life would reflect simple

I fell in love with no regard for the cushion

Even though my pillow of dreams was right there

Favorite line
There’s rhythm in the wave crash. There’s music in the breeze. I was always the first to be last but having a lasting life alone is a battle.

Capture the sun
This is of course the title track to the record. The concept of capture the sun is to go after your dream no matter how difficult and impossible success may seem. This stems From My grandmother telling me that “things delayed are not things denied” meaning no matter how long it takes to reach your dreams if you keep fighting and working then you can hold it in your hands when it is time to.


Verse 1:

He was drenched in broken smiles open arms and Shattered hearts

Lost a step with every mile with consequence as works of art framed perfect

Was always scared to finish what he starts

The Same worthless image stared back from the mirrors surface then he felt a spark

Wingtips script seamless flight plan

Raising the bar reaching for stars till ones captive in each hand

Blinded brilliance ill’s resilient feel the passion

I Brave the Flames floating on streams of tears staying dragon fly

Fears a luxury i can afford to buy

My sons are watching me I got to be a hero in their eyes

I got the shoulders of a front line soldier

So my peers can have faith that I’ll show up to hold up the fallen Sky


Time is always there

But the moments never perfect

His visions not so clear

But the way he’s feeling seems so worth it

No need to cry

Don’t shed a tear

The locks will soon break

Freedom is near

Be who you are

Envy no one

Reach for the stars

To capture the sun

Verse 2:

Honesty lies when the sun falls asleep

so we find truth in the moonlight for the Cycle of it and we love it

Never been fond of beyond my reach

Remain calm to the Common leach trying to latch on to my uncommon speech

I speak with action cause talk is cheap admission is pay attention

Every purchase is a priceless masterpiece to pass to your children

I lasso ambiguity and rest it on the horizon

Hog tied pain so you could see a pure heart to confide in

Lost today in a pack of smokes found tomorrow in Jiryn’s hopes

My pants were fixed until my pockets broke

See the Wingtips script seamless flight plan

Raising the bar reaching for stars till holding the Sun in both hands understand

Favorite line
I speak with action cause talk is cheap admission is pay attention, every purchase is a priceless masterpiece to pass to your children

Beautiful Sunday
“Beautiful Sunday” is a commentary in how fragile and shot life is. When you look at life you have to see the beauty in it no matter how ugly things may get. Sunday is the first day of the week and a day of rest and reflection. So this song is a reflection of that reflection.



It was 8:45 on beautiful Sunday in the spring

I woke early that day to see the sun rise and hear the birds sing

I sat on my couch watching the ceiling fan spin

Listening to Miles blend batches of bitches brew

Thanking God for allowing me to see another morning

Blessed to breathe Oxygen again

I see the breeze dance through the leaves of trees

Reminiscing of lost family and friends

Knowing that tomorrows only a dream

I choose to live today to the fullest.


Blessed with the life that I live cause I know it can all be gone in the blink of an iris

So I dive in and swim every lap of my life I invite all the scars and Surprises

Speak Stars in alignment Wing span spans destinies

I elude the divisive livin out dreams through Faith and Legacy

The truth in my footsteps lighting the way on this uncharted path

I’ll Prove I can Smile in place in case I’m ever lost in a laugh.

Take nothing for granted wishes upon shooting commits of cosmos

Variable variance lesson littered heritage Morse code ethics escaped the side show

Breathe life into darkness the life of an artist ends and begins every master piece

Just being alive we arise from the ashes to say the least

Favorite Line
I’ll prove I can Smile in Place just in case I’m ever lost in a laugh

Have you ever been in a situation where you know its not food for you but you just don’t know how to let it go? This song stems from past relationships with people in my life that I had to let go and forgive. Letting something go doesn’t always mean that it is irradiated from your life but the betrayal can burn the bridge to your heart or to your trust. Sometimes the bridge can be repaired and some time the bridge needs to be burned. Its up to you to decide which.


Talk is cheap but a Whisper is priceless

I choose to take a leap of faith no matter what the price is

arm or leg heart or head voice or tears

I’ll be content to be the change if I have to slave for years

I’ve been marked for death since in the womb

Umbilical cord around my neck I barely made it out

Plus, they found cancer in my retina when I was 2

Became a Cyclops but saw clearer than everybody else

Didn’t understand this blessing thought it was a curse

Felt that God had forsaken me cause I didn’t know my worth

Saw hate in a puddle till I saw love in the crowd

Then my wife told me that she was pregnant with my first child

Started to smile more named him Jahi Rais

Which means “Dignified Leader” there’s prophecy in a name

I had a family now that looked to me to be a man

Didn’t understand what that was just knew I wouldn’t be the same

As my father before me an absentee landlord

Hoping I wouldn’t notice all the foundation cracks

I’ll be there and give my children something to build on

Didn’t want end up salty so I stopped looking back

At Sodom and Gomorrah I let it burn but didn’t forget

The lessons learned memory as vivid as an elephants

Prepared me for the city where just living is a privilege

And how to break chains by embracing forgiveness

Speaking of which what up Fess it’s been a while

Since we found out you were Judas tried to hang us for thirty pieces

I hope that it was worth it cause we have resurrected

Stronger than ever knowing now you need the ashes for the phoenix

Now I can read a snake from a mile away and you’re to thank

Downsized my circle to escape the holding tank

People you love don’t always love you like you wanted

So when it’s time to burn a bridge throw some lighter fluid on it

Favorite Line
I choose to take a leap of faith no matter what the price is; arm or leg heart or head voice or tears ill be content to be the change if I have to slave for years

Pt 2 Coming Soon….

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“Behind Capture the Sun” Episode 2


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The Video:

On April 16th,  Illogic & Blockhead will release their first collaborative full-length, Capture The Sun. The album, which includes features from Blueprint, Abstract Rude, and others, will be released on TK via Man Bites Dog Records. Already, Illogic & Blockhead have released two singles – title track “Capture The Sun,” which features Slug of Atmosphere and album lead-off “Neva Heard” – and along the way the rapper and producer pair unveiled the first part of what will be a four-part mini-documentary, Journey To Capture The Sun, detailing Illogic’s and Blockhead’s long-running history and how Capture The Sun came to be. Today, Illogic & Blockhead are releasing the second part of that series.

Capture The Sun, for both Illogic and Blockhead comes at a time of musical change in their lives – Illogic learning how to balance his music dreams with being a father and husband; Blockhead stepping away from strictly instrumental work to collaborate with rappers again – and so this mini-documentary, which details the history of the pair’s individual and collective history with hip-hop is a fitting piece to help explain the journey that has lead the two to where they are now. And so, in part two, the mini-doc, which is directed and edited by Blueprint, picks up where part one left off, with Illogic and Blockhead each recalling the moment that they found each others work and the impact it had on them, personally and artistically.

“Capture the Sun” Video, Artwork, Track list and Press release

01.  Neva Heard
Pillow of Dreams
Capture the Sun (Feat. Slug of Atmosphere)
Beautiful Sunday (Feat. Taylor Francis)
05.  Bridges
06.  Live From The Horizon
07.  Justified (Feat. Blueprint)
08.  Where’s the Exit
09.  She Loves it
10.  Finally Free
11.  One Way Ticket (Feat. Zero Star)
12.  Atlantis Depth 
13.  Smile (Feat. Abstract Rude)
14.  Last Breath (Family Fabric)
15.  Blindfold
16.  Lighthouse (Feat. Kristoff Krane)

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     On April 16thIllogic, a veteran of the Columbus, Ohio, hip-hop scene and Blockhead, a veteran of the New York hip-hop scene and long-time producer forAesop Rock, will release their first collaborative full-length, Capture The Sun. The album, which includes features from Slug (ofAtmosphere), Blueprint,Abstract Rude, and more, will be released on TK viaMan Bites Dog Records. Today, Illogic & Blockhead are releasing a video for title track “Capture The Sun,”which features Slug ofAtmosphere and is directed by H. Rockwell.

While Capture The Sun serves as the first full-length collaboration between Illogic and Blockhead, the two share a friendship, and working relationship, that dates over a decade. And for Illogic, an artist who’s largely been quiet on the scene for a handful of years, and Blockhead, who’s recently immersed himself in solo instrumental work, Capture The Sun comes during a creative intersection in the artist’s respective solo careers. “I’d been wanting do to an album where it’s just one MC and one producer,” says Blockhead, explaining how he got back into producing for rappers. “All it took was Illogic dropping me a line, and I was down. 

Capture The Sun is a very personal project for Illogic, now married and with children, and everything about the album, from the music to the title, stems from the life changes that Illogic has experienced in the past years, as he nurtures his family while still pursuing his dreams of artistry. “The title, Capture The Sun, comes from something my grandmother always told me: ‘Things delayed are not things denied,'” says Illogic. “Things happen how and when they’re supposed to; the point is to go after your dreams no matter how out of reach they may seem, no matter what road blocks may get in your way. Keep going; keep moving.”

Those sentiments resonate throughout Capture The Sun, with songs like “Beautiful Sunday” or “Lighthouse,” tracks that display not only Illogic’s penchant for open, relatable stories but also the pairing’s ability to create unique, complex songs. Another is “Last Breath,” essentially an open letter from Illogic to his parents. “‘Last Breath’ is about how I’ve seen them over the years, how I appreciated what they’ve done for me and my brothers, but it also deals with their divorce,” explains Illogic. “The song took me almost three years to write – I wanted to be sure I found the right words, for them and for myself, to understand my feelings.”