Super Duty Tough Work Episode 44: How to Approach People you Want to Work With

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Whether it’s somebody with a household name or a local celebrity, we all come across people we want to meet and work with. The problem, is how do we approach them without making a fool out of ourselves? In this episode of the most infamous podcast on planet earth we dive deep and give you some rock solid rules for approaching the people you want to work with. These rules should help you become more successful before, during, and after you step to them. Let’s go!



New Song “Batch Confusion” + Lucid Logic (Illogic + Lucid Optics) “Falling into Winter” Announcement + General Update

Hello my people,

It has been a crazy year from the wins to the losses, but we are still here. If you follow me on social media then you have seen me talking about my new venture into production as well trying to move into some new musical places with my art. I have been working really hard on a lot of good music that i am excited to share with you guys, so much so that i might jump the gun here and there. PRIME EXAMPLE, I had previously stated that I would be releasing The Beauty in evolution: Vol 1, which will be the first project ever released by me that features my production on 11/17/16, but it was not ready so I did not. I did however release A song from the project called “Blank Eyes” that you can check out below:









This brings me to Lucid Logic which is a group that includes Producer, Emcee, Singer, Song writer, multi-instrument musician,  Lucid Optics and myself. Some of you may remember that we released “Penciled in” on New Years Day as a gift to introduce the idea of what we were doing.

Since then We are basically Finished with our Debut Album which we will hopefully be able to share with you next year. Until then we thought we would give you a little taste of our sound with A free EP that we are calling “Falling Into Winter”. It will be available on my Bandcamp on 12/20/16 which is the last day of Fall. You can Listen to the First Single from the EP called “Batch Confusion” below:

Thanks for all of the support.

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Super Duty Tough Work – Episode 43: The Return of The Native Tounges

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Although groups like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest were mainstays of hip-hop’s golden era from the late 80’s & early 90’s, both groups fell out of the public eye in the last decade. Thankfully for their fans around the world, the stars aligned and both groups dropped impressive comeback albums in 2016. While most hip-hop media will talk about the comeback albums themselves, we decided to take it a step further and breakdown why both comebacks were successful. It gets risky returning from any leave of absence, but we got the keys. There are six keys that De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest employed that made their comebacks successful, and we give you all of them.

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Super Duty Tough Work Episode 41: How to Maintain Friendships During Conflict

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While conflict between competing rappers is a relatively common occurrence in hip-hop these days, it’s much more rare to see two friends air their dirty laundry in public. Well, not this week as Kanye West returned to the news for his on-stage tirade against his close friend Jay Z. We’ve all been there before; arguing and beefing with friends and family over small things. But we wouldn’t be grown ass men if we didn’t frown upon this type of behavior, and we wouldn’t be the MVP (Most Valuable Podcast) if we didn’t give you nine rules to help you handle conflict with your friends without escalating things.


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One of the most difficult balancing acts in life is between our personal lives and our careers. A decision to focus primarily on work usually forces us to sacrifice our personal lives, and a decision to focus on our personal lives often leaves us without challenges in our careers. Everybody is trying to achieve the proper work-life balance, but very few actually do. In this episode, we give nine tips for achieving the proper work-life balance and also briefly speak to two of our professional friends that are working on it as well. Lots of bars in this one.

Illogic California tour dates

In Support of My New Album “A Man Who Thinks With His Own Mind” I will be doing a few dates in Cali This week. Dates and venues Below. Please join the event Pages and tell A friend!

7/26 @ Katie Jakes Bar Covina, California:

7/27 @ Collective 1939 El Cojon, California:

7/29 @ Honey Hive Gallery San Fransisco, California:

“Thinking with your Own Mind” Episode 1

“I think its really important, especially in this day and age that people have individual thought because the collective mind is dangerous” – Rita Alva Lawson (My Mom)

This is the first installment of a short series”Thinking with Your Own Mind” Directed By me, My mother explains the origins of the album name and how she trained my brothers and I to think for ourselves and be our own people and just drops mad bars about the state of individuality in the world.
Pre Order “A Man Who Thinks With His Own Mind” HERE

Pre-Orders for “A Man Who Thinks With His Own Mind” Start Now!

Illogic_Cover_FrontA little over three years have passed since Man Bites Dog released the album Capture the Sun by Blockhead and I to much anticipation and fanfare. This album is very close to me being that it was dedicated to one of the most important and influential people in my life, my late grandmother Rev. Mable Holt-Hynes. The concept of capturing the sun is one of self-determination and vigilance. It is the idea of never giving up on your dreams or goals no matter how impossible it may seem to achieve them. It is an ongoing process that should be present throughout a person’s life. One should always be attempting to achieve something, whether it be minuscule or grand. The moment you cease attempting to achieve is the moment that you are no longer living life. You become a zombie, an empty shell of skin wasting space and oxygen.

0003479101_10Fast forward a year to 2014; I was contacted by Sam Weatherby aka Ill2lectualaka Tha Sound Cultivator (TSC), asking if I was down to work on some music with him. Unbeknownst to me this was the same man who had done a remix for a friend of mine, who come to find out was a mutual friend, Kristoff Krane, for the song “Parachute” that I was featured on from his Fanfaronade Remixed album. If you click on the link you can probably see why I agreed to do music with this man. So in order to get an idea of how each other operated we worked on a little free ep called Something in the Water. It turned out pretty good in my opinion. For me, it was an eye opener to work with someone that was a fan, but accepted me as an artist, meaning that he didn’t want me to rap a certain way or try to recapture some nostalgic feeling he got when they first heard Celestial Clockwork. He was fine with, and encouraged me doing me. It was ok that I attempted to do different styles of music, and he had no problem telling me if it was a successful attempt or if I wasn’t. It was a breath of fresh air to meet someone new that doesn’t try to put me in a box and this is why I consider him a friend today.

Here we are now in 2016, two years after Something in the Water was released: enter A Man Who Thinks with His Own Mind accompanied by Tha Sound Cultivator. The Album is scheduled to be release on July 19th. You can Pre-order the package of your choice HERE.

The packages include:

The deluxe digital version: Includes a download of the album with the instrumentals and a PDF of the Lyrics.

The CD package: Includes a download of the album with the instrumentals and a PDF of the Lyrics, CD of the album, an 11×17 Poster (signed) and a 4×4 sticker.

The Cassette package (limited 50): Includes a download of the album with the instrumentals and a PDF of the Lyrics, Cassette of the album, an 11×17 Poster (signed) and a 4×4 sticker.

The CD & Cassette bundle package (limited 50): Includes a download of the album with the instrumentals and a PDF of the Lyrics, CD and Cassette of the album, an 11×17 Poster (signed) and a 4×4 sticker.

This is my 6th Full length LP, but it is the first time I going about this on my (our) own. No Label to foot the bill. No team to fall back on. This is all Sam and I. This and my last record deal experience is how I arrived at this album title. For the record, Man Bites Dog treated me well, but I was so focused on getting Capture the Sun on a label I failed to see what/who I had in my corner the whole time, ME. So this is my testament to that Idea. It’s a continuation of the Capture the Sun concept. Many times people, even ourselves, will try to psyche us out of reaching our potential and goals. We cannot listen to all of the noise. We have to think with our own minds.

Wake_Up_1200x1200The first single from A Man Who Thinks with His Own Mind is called “Wake Up. This Wake up has multiple meanings, hopefully it will mean something to you.

Thank you for your time and enjoy.