Welcome Back!

Hello! I know we have been out of commission for a while, but we are back and ready to go. Please give us time to construct ideas for new content that allow you to dive into the life and adventures of Illogic. I have many things in-store for my fans. Until we get some things [...]

"Behind Capture the Sun" Episode 2

Via audible treats  The Video: On April 16th,  Illogic & Blockhead will release their first collaborative full-length, Capture The Sun. The album, which includes features from Blueprint, Abstract Rude, and others, will be released on TK via Man Bites Dog Records. Already, Illogic & Blockhead have released two singles - title track "Capture The Sun," which features Slug of Atmosphere and [...]

Dealing with Depression

Shrouded in a sea of darkness. Clothed in absolute incompletion. Your reflection reveals disgust. Swimming in an abyss of "I am nothing" or "no one cares". Failure seems the only option. Tomorrow is the worst thought one can muster. Fully immersed in doubt. Happiness is a mirage in a desert of pain, unattainable for unknown [...]

Ask Illogic Vol# 2

Here is the Second installment of "Ask Illogic" This is where you guys ask me anything you ever wanted to know about me or my opinions of topics of any kind. This week I picked some pretty good ones so lets Begin....How would you define yourself politically speaking? what do you think about Big Boi's [...]

Ask Illogic Vol #1

OK, Weekly maybe bi-weekly I am going to be answering questions sent to me by you the fans. Anything you want to know about me and my life mo opinions, etc not just music just ask. I have been wanting to do this for some time now but, time did not lend itself favorable to [...]

Poem Time #13: Life is a trip

There is a page of our book yet to be writtenmany chapters yet to be formed from consequencewe live in an age of tomorrows but a dreamand today is all there is to hold in armsMislead commandos falling on swords all aroundno one in place to take a stand and speakAt some point the samuri [...]