Illogic releases “Autopilot” and “The Depth” Video Premiere!

On this day of October 20, 2020 I presents to you my 8th full length studio album and 1st Self-Produced album “Autopilot”. This project is probably the one that I am most proud of throughout my 20+ year career.  The attention to detail and passion that is expressed in this record is like nothing have ever presented to the world. I am extremely excited to share this piece of myself with you. I hope that you will enjoy experiencing it as much as I did creating it. Thank you to all of you for supporting me on this journey. There is much more to come! Check the premiere of My New Video “The Depth (K.I.M.)” Directed by my brother Blueprint Below.


Illogic “Aphextwin” Video Premiere


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Via Ghettoblaster:

The skill of an emcee is usually tested through its longevity and ability to withstand time itself. Not everyone should pick up a mic because it’s not an easy feat to accomplish for most. For the few that are able though, the results sometimes border on genius, which leads us all to the rapper out of Columbus, Ohio mainstay Illogic.

Throughout the years Illogic has released a plethora of material. After 20 years, the independent rapper/wordsmith/lyricist is starting fresh, a “new beginning” so to speak. While Illogic has always been comfortable with his notebook, penning lyrics to the beats of others comfortably seated behind boards, this time he’s grabbing onto his new release by the proverbial throat, controlling all aspects of the release. His new album, Autopilot, set to drop on October 20, 2020, is a project, which for the first time, he’s self-produced and mixed. It isn’t an easy task but with the experience Ill has, he was up for the challenge.

Today Illogic shares the video to the second single, “Aphextwin,” also self-directed. The imagery is up close and personal, tightly knit, boxing the artist in, which matches the claustrophobic feel of the music surrounding him. Now while he may have borrowed the named for the track after Richard David James’ musical alter ego, he didn’t sample anything from the artist. He says, “I named it ‘Aphextwin’ because I was listening to his track ‘Actium’ when I wrote the lyrics, so it sparked the idea for the song.”

Of the track itself, Illogic offers, “The track Illogic said “I believe it represents the angst felt by all human beings right now in all aspects of existence. Angst felt not only due to politics but life in general, due to the current climate of the world.”

Beats & B-Sides w/Illogic: Journey to “Autopilot” Parts 1 & 2

As you may know Autopilot is now available for Pre-Order Here. Check out the First Single “Pick Pocket” Below.

In order to provide some insight to the crafting of this, my first self-produced album, I have been doing a series called “Journey to Autopilot” on My Beats & B-Sides” show which streams live every week at 8pm on all Streaming platforms. Here are the first 2 episodes.

Beats & B-Sides w/Illogic: Journey to “Autopilot” Part 1

Beats & B-Sides w/Illogic: Journey to “Autopilot” Part 2

“Autopilot” Now Available for Pre-Order!

Autopilot Deluxe version with Vinyl and CD Package’s

Autopilot Digital Only

I can remember back when Celestial Clockwork was released I told myself, “I will produce my final album” but rest assured, this is not my final album!

Autopilot is a new beginning for me. With 20 years of experience releasing projects, you are probably wondering how releasing another album is something new. This album is my first album where I’m displaying my vast array of skills: the lyrics (of course!), the production,the mixing and the photography is all me! Shout out to DJ Ginsu for the mastering and Ill Poetic for the album/vinyl layout.

It was important to me that I self produce a project at some point in my career. Autopilot is both the accomplishment and affirmation that I can achieve anything I set before myself by working hard and staying disciplined.

This album is not perfect. It’s not super clean or easy, but neither am I. Personally, I hate perfect albums because many times they are robotic and usually have no feeling. With Autopilot, you hear my heart in every word, soul in every kick, excitement in every snare snap and instrument. This is something special and I believe that it is one of my best! Thank you for riding with me all of these years and I hope that you stick around because I have so much more to give you. But for now, I give you the gift of Autopilot.


Illogic releases The Cosmogramma Interpretations Ep For Bandcamp Day!

In 2011, I stumbled upon Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma, which was released a year prior. While listening to it I was amazed and inspired to write many poems and songs. Over a weeks time I wrote, recorded and mixed the 7 pieces that would become The Cosmogramma Interpretations Ep. This collection of songs and poems would turnout to be some of my most original creations to date. I had many grand Ideas for it that never materialized so it sat on the shelf for 9 years, until today. I hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Illogic Releases 1st Beat Tape “Beats for You: Vol. 1”

On Illogic’s first beat tape “Beats for You: Vol 1” Illogic establishes him-self in the production world as an inviting presence. From the hard hitting drums of the opening track “Kill It” or the obscure soundscapes of “On the Edge” and “Chaos 6”, or the smooth subtlety of the closing “Hello Girl”, Illogic shows that he is here to stay as a producer. Purchase below: