"Capture the Sun" Video, Artwork, Track list and Press release

01.  Neva Heard02.  Pillow of Dreams03.  Capture the Sun (Feat. Slug of Atmosphere)04.  Beautiful Sunday (Feat. Taylor Francis)05.  Bridges06.  Live From The Horizon07.  Justified (Feat. Blueprint)08.  Where’s the Exit09.  She Loves it10.  Finally Free11.  One Way Ticket (Feat. Zero Star)12.  Atlantis Depth 13.  Smile (Feat. Abstract Rude)14.  Last Breath (Family Fabric)15.  Blindfold16.  Lighthouse (Feat. Kristoff Krane)Via audibletreats     On April 16th, Illogic, a veteran of the Columbus, Ohio, hip-hop scene and Blockhead, a veteran of the [...]

Poster boy Video & Announcement

Blockhead and I would like to Thank everyone for the support so far with "Preparing for Capture" still available for free HERE. So I would like to Announce Preparing for Capture 2 Dropping Tuesday September 4, 2012. Keep an ear out for the pre-sell date, but for now enjoy "Poster Boy" Directed By Erik Anello.2 [...]