Poem Time #13: Life is a trip

There is a page of our book yet to be written
many chapters yet to be formed from consequence
we live in an age of tomorrows but a dream
and today is all there is to hold in arms
Mislead commandos falling on swords all around
no one in place to take a stand and speak
At some point the samuri has to get Tired of bowing
and to think you were once pedistoll placed
How sharp must a tounge be to stike fear in the hearts of men?
It seems these days forked just doesnt do it any more
how far must you go to prove your innocense?
Hopefully its not as far as they have to go to prove your guilt
Cause what lies on the surface of the sun it is singed through forever
and your only Savior is caught between a clock and and a suitcase
remember, Life is a trip.

                                                                      What your destination?

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