Illogic’s 2019 Spotify Playlist

What up people?

With 2019 coming to a close I felt that it was only right that I hit you with some music that I have been enjoying this year. All of the albums on this list have been released this year except one. That one project is April + Vista “You are Here”. The reason that I included songs from this record is because this is the record that I have listened to most this year after discovering them in the spring. Her voice, her writing and their production for me was just infectious and dominated my headphones for much of 2019. The list also includes some selections from the homies Murs and Nigel (Onry Ozzborn), as well as some Jazz from Alfa Mist and some funk from the Du-Rites. Of course its heavy in hip hop, but contains a nice range of sounds and moods. For me, this year has been about rediscovering old music, but I definitely had to dip into the current stream. I hope you enjoy!

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