"Graveyard" Lost Diabolical Fun Joint

Hey, hope everyone is having a nice holiday experience.Just wanted to round out the end of the year with a lost Illogic song from the “Diabolica Fun” sessions: “Graveyard” (prod. by ill poetic) is an unreleased song that didn’t make the final version of Illogic’s “Diabolical Fun” (released earlier this year). The song originally closed out the album, but was cut because it just seemed a little too dark for the overall feel of the record (the song sounds like it looks outside). We figured we’d give something away for free for the holidays to remind people of Illogic’s comeback LP as well as his current Greenhouse EP with Blueprint. Also attatched are some “Diabolical Fun” snippets for anyone who hasn’t checked for it yet. On the Ill Po side of releases, be prepped for a 2010 full of projects/odd ideas (inluding the official follow-up to “The World Is Ours”).

“Diabolical Fun” can be purchased for 20% off right now @ http://www.weightlessmerchandise.com/

Graveyard www.zshare.net/audio/70225301c3ce693c

Graveyard instrumental www.zshare.net/audio/702253134fa3b9b5

Diabolical Fun Snippets www.zshare.net/audio/7022530894cbe918


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