As the skyfalls…

Dear world,
I sitting here at work wondering if I will ever have each 8 hr day that I spend here back
I know the answer is no, but I wonder and ask anyway.
Theses are the times that I realize that art can die, because I sit at a desk
everyday and this clock in clock out cycle is trying to kill my art.
I write verses at work in order to guard my sanity.
This is the only time that I have when I fill like am close to going postal.
There has never been a day like today and never will be again and what have i done with it?
2 and a half hours of sleep just to get school done and invest in my for a change.
When was the last time your boss said thank you for helping to buy his/her big house.
his/her nice car. Never.
It so easy to fell under appreciated and so is easy to fall into underachieving, don’t give it that power.
I look forward to the day when I can walk out of here with my head held high
and wave with freedom.
No more sirs and ma’am unless addressing my elders.
No more random strangers calling me out of my name.
No one else dictation what time wake up and go to bed.
No more Business casual unless by choice
Tomorrow will be a new day. A different day.
A day when i can wake to see my wife and sons smile.
Watch them get on the bus. Tell them i love them.
Tomorrow will be different. I’ll smile from ear to ear
But today I’m just sitting here writing as the sky falls around me and…
so much
2 fingers….

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