Capture the sun….

Hey People of the world,

I wanted to Let you guys know what i’m up to. I’m here to announce that I am working on A record With Blockhead (Long time collaborator with Aesop Rock) called “Capture the Sun”. We are now in pre-production just getting a feel for where we can take the record as far as sounds. I am recording upwards of 25-30 Songs, (22 of which I have rough versions of already). Then friends closest to me will assist in selecting the best Songs that create the greatest experience. I am approaching the album unlike any album I have ever done in the past by focusing more on song writing and creating a cohesive movement of music filled with narratives of triumph, despair and all emotions in between allowing you room to dance or cry.

The concept of the record is reaching for the stars and living out your dreams no matter the circumstances. It navigates through the processes and stumbling blocks that may occur in life and can be distractions, but revealing that there is light at the end of the tunnel where Legacies of good can be left. I have not been more excited about a record in my entire career. I Look forward to sharing it with you….

“I’m Raisn the bar, Reaching for stars till one’s captive in each hand”

2 Fingers…


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