Someone once said that love was an afterthought

So after I thought about it for a time I told her I loved her

Hearts are only stole never bought or sold

So the beauty that I behold holds more then her weight in gold

Her face is timeless

The creator’s paintbrush at it’s finest

A masterpiece with a piece of the master in each part of her speech

when she’s seen my mouth stays quiet but my heart speaks

in whispers that only seashells can understand

but I can hardly stand

my knees go weak

a small smile or a wink from her

drives me to be a stronger man

Driven insane at ninety miles an hour

Because she knows not my name

But if I don’t slow down my brain my start to hydroplane

How else will I her attention?

Stand at attention?

But if she pays no attention

I’ll be broke with no hope or honorable mention

Not to mention I’m honorable,

A little eccentric but extremely tolerable


I hope your smiling and I hope I’m not bothering you

But you’ve awakened something in me that can’t be tranquilized

Enough of the tranquil lies and underwhelming complements

I’m past the time of my youth

My favorite past time

Because truth has opened my eyes

And inspiration is the consequence

Now with eyes open, yet hidden

These words written are a small token

Of a spirit broken in a promise land where it being rewoven is forbidden…

But wanted…

Somehow the gift that we’ve been given has been tainted and now I’m haunted by futures history

each memory is undaunted so my progression is cautious

each step is taken with confidence, but it’s obvious I’m nauseous

yearning to pay the price no matter what the cost is

Be it arm or leg

Heart or head

Words or tears

I’ll work for days to pay the bounty

if I have to save for years

When you talk I’ll listen

But please don’t talk with your hands

Because all I see and understand is what you heart is missing

Someone once told met that love was an afterthought

So after I thought about it for a time

I told her I loved her

Hearts are only stolen

Never bought or sold

But I know I have to recover

Because her heart has been stolen by another


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