Poem Time: Epiphanies

Yestererday I drove just far enough to be out of signal range,

but was cold that Day the sun hid behind the clouds.

I wanted to put as much distance as I could between me and the stage,

but it was so hard to keep myself from dreaming out loud.

See, I always conducted my own symphony,

sequenced my own drum brakes and played my own baseline.

I made sure to only sample my epiphanies,

so while walking to my own beat I was sure to be just fine.

Somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow,

I found myself and I was pleased with the discovery.

I worked to refine my path compiled the sets of foots steps I’d follow,

to place myself in a position for you to discovery me.

There was too much time on my hands till I found my watch was broken,

and my wife needed me to be right more than twice a day

It was the decision to knock on a closed door or bust it open,

whether to lean on the crutch of my own understanding or pray

-J. Glass

(an excerpt from the My Poetry book Tomorrows Memories)

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