"I’m Only a Drop" Video and FREE DOWNLOAD

Hello everybody!!! I am exited to present to you the first single “I’m Only a Drop” that you can Download for free here from my up and coming album “Unbeaten Paths: The Dove Ink Sessions” completely produced by my long time friend Aaron Evans.  This song holds a soft place in the hears of us both. I still remember years ago when he played my the beat as I sat on his couch in my virtual second home of Labyrinth Studios. The driving drums and amazing sample held a beautiful sadness that pulled out of me lamentations of a man stuck in a cycle of love and tormented by a barrage of psychological and emotional abuse. In his dealing with these feelings he finds himself unable to let go asking her to either let him go or make him believe in their love again. Pulling from personal and other stories imparted to me by friends and associates of both genders “I’m only a Drop” was born.

Check it out Leave a comment let us know what you think. This is the first of many treats that I will have for you in the coming months. Stay tuned for The album Coming Soon: “Unbeaten Paths: The Dove Ink Sessions”

ENJOY The Video!!!

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  1. The song is pretty dope. The sample is super sick and yes of course lyrically you drop bombs. I'm still on 1000_Whispers…Quite honestly, regarding the video…I appreciate the simplicity, but I definitely don't think there was enough eye-candy. Your words make catacomb splitters play your songs on repeat to pick up all the metaphors, as it should reflect in your videos with the same candy. You've got serious cerebral candy…give the eyes something to feast on, too, man.For starters, I'd tell your videographer to scoop up something with a little more shallow depth of field. Check out my link. The video that I have featured is the latest one that I made of my tattoo artist.www.youtube.com/shadesofgreymatter

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