Hey! It’s Illogic here to share some of my thoughts, short stories and poems. Hope you guys like it. Leave some comments and feed back. I’m going to start with a little piece called “Dignity of a Rebel”. Let me know what you think. Don’t forget “Diabolical Fun” drops march 24th on weightless recordings along with the new book of poems and short stories “Tomorrow’s Memories”. BOOM!

Dignity of a Rebel

It seems the stars are in perfect alignment
for the emergence of those whose forefathers
had the assignment of building this country
that holds your freedom in the balance.

We’ve never been closer to a global alliance
and the end of the individual then we are right now.
So excuse me if sometimes I want to escape reality
and bathe in the clouds somehow,
completely captivated by the tomorrow’s
today foreshadows
and standing firm on the broken and scarred backs
that yesterday recalls.

It’s up to you to embrace the dignity of the rebel.
Be bold in what history’s canvas inspires you to draw.

Intergrity is the fingerprint of your Legacy


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