Just A Thought…

It’s interesting that people work for most of their lives doing a job that they hate in order to chase a dream. I know a lot of cats that do it. I do it with the belief that I will one day live out my dreams. I’ve been in the position to live out my dreams, but my reality had to be my priority. Now my dreams are again coming into focus and I have learned Balance. In order to reach that goal and live out that dream balance is a necessity. I have God in his place at the head of my life. I am taking each step like it’s my last, being lead to the light by the light and I’m loving every minute of it. If you have a dream, chase it to the ends of the earth, but if you are not called in that area then you will not have good success.

“There’s good success and bad success
We’ll soon see if your empire was built wrong,
the beautiful city may crumble at you feet
Because a foundation is only as strong
as the backs it’s built on”

Make sure you live right and treat people fair. If you build you dreams with a foundation of being schisty and untrustworthy then you success will reflect that and it won’t last. Look a Suge Knight. He had a good run, but his foundation was built on the backs of people who feared him not loved him so his empire crashed. Live life cautious with love and respect for the people around you. Your rewards will come and you won’t have to work the job you hate for too long….

two fingers…

Integrity is the finger print of your legacy

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