Cup of tea

“I left her standing there holding a cup of tea
The sun was on its way down as I walked down the street
I listened to her silent screams of “Come back Home”,
But I couldn’t come back home till the cup of tea was gone
The sky was a yellowish-blue splashed with purple smiles
Happiness was locked in the pit of her stomach gagged and bound
I was only about a mile away when I saw Her face drowning in tears
Reflected in the market window
There was a subconscious fear of walking away, but I never looked back
Even though I was grateful for what’s behind me
My cup of tea seems to have a decrescendo
You can hear it slowly dying
I cried a little, but the were no oceans created
She failed to realize that Her eyes lost the sun
The end was near and it was only a matter time
Until one of us realized that out time had come”

Breaking up is always hard, Especially when it’s one sided. It’s harded enough to love, let alone tring to love again after your heart has been broken. Sometimes love doesn’t seem like it’s worth it, but i can say that when i look into the eyes of my children they remind me that it’s priceless. There is nothing that can be traded for love. So, Keep living and Keep loving no matter how much it hurts. The Joy will out way the pain in the end…

2 fingers…

Integrity is the fingerprint of you legacy…

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