Now is the Time

So I’m close to thirty and I know that the a lot of people are like “I’m almost thirty. I’m old”. I look at it like, Thank God I made it this far and I hope that I’m blessed to live another thirty. When I hear people complaining about getting older I don’t get it. As I have gotten older I have become smarter and I seem to enjoy life more the when I was younger. I don’t focus on a lot of the crap that young people focuse on. My life has gotten better with time, because i’ve learned how to make it better.

I had a coversation with my wife the other day about doing music full time and getting my education and her going after her dreams. Her first reply was, “We’re almost thirty. It’s time for us to get settled…etc” My reply was thats a boring exitance. I told her that we are in our prime. We have had a lot of life experience and we have finally found exactly what we want to do with our lives and are both completely focussed on it. We can’t alow the stigma of what a thirty year-old married couples life is supposed to be make us miseralble or we can Live and become what God has intend us to become. There is no better time then now for us to go after what we want.

I always use the example of my grandmother who had 9 kids and got her batchelors degree with out finishing Highschool. There is no better time like the present. You can look at you situation and look at the negitives of it or you can focus on the positive and what you will create your situation to be..

I have not always been one to focus on my destination instead of my situation, but I have learned to do that and it has made me a much happier and fulfilled person. I look forward to getting older because I know my best years are ahead of me and I think I got my wife to understand that her best years are ahead of her to.

“Running from destiny only delays happiness,
but those things delayed are not denied.”
-Mable Holt
(my Grand Mother)

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