Just to catch you up…

I haven’t Dropped any Jewels in about two weeks Heres why…

For those that Don’t know I dropped new album “Diabolical Fun”, Available here:


After a long hiatus the wait is finally over! Columbus emcee Illogic returns with his fourth full-length album Diabolical Fun, produced entirely by Ohio producer on the rise Ill Poetic. Guest vocal appearance from Ill Poetic as well. CD ships with FREE Instrumental CD!

CD $7.99
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if you want to purchase it and support the movement otherwise I know it’s all ready up for free download all over the net, I’ve checked.

We had the Album release Party’s last week. The First one was in Dayton on March 24Th, Release DAY!(Forborne)@ One Eyed Jacks. It was a good Time Catalyst and Zerostar Opened. It was a good Night. We killed. My Wife and her Sister came down with me. Before the Show I had some bars to drop at studio that you will hear shortly. You know what it is…

On March 25Th I went to work And Finished up my old Poetry Books “Living my Mind Away”. Got those printed up and Assembled When I got Home. As I was Putting those togather I Watch A Documentary on the Poet Allen Ginsberg. It was Very good. Took me a few Hours to get those books assembled, but I Got them ready for Fri.

On the 26Th again went to work and printed off the new Book “Tomorrow’s Memories”. After work had my Wife drop me off at Kinko’s so I could Assemble those as well. Had to print off the covers and Get em Stapled up.

Now the Big Day…The Columbus Release party. Had the Article in The Alive popin. Flyer’s passed out over the Last few months. A good Bill. I was ready and Excited. Got the Fly gear. Went to the Thrift Store to get the fly jacket to go with the Fly Old Navy button up from Plato’s closet. Topped off by the Nice Dockers Fedora. I was set.

Got to the Venue About 7:30. Sound man Arrived about 8. Sounchecked and Sat at the Merch table. For others that Do this the hardest Time to relax is between 9, which is usually doors and around 11 when the First act hits. This is when the crowd either Swells up or you see that you have no fans. Fortunately I have Fans, friends and Family.

My mom and dad came out as well as some Aunts and Cousins. Mad co-workers. I felt really supported.

Bottom brick Opened up and did their thing. J Rawls and Middlechild did well. I don’t think that the Crowd was ready for what Middle was doing. I enjoyed it.
Then It was my turn. My Set Felt good I flubbed in one place, but over all Killed. Had my man Possum do the lights for me. Camera Crew was there. You’ll see the footage soon. Sold Mad merch, it was an over all great night until…

The Wife and I go out to the Durango on a High…Driver side rear window is Busted out. This immediately Kills my mood. Glass all over the car and ground out side the car. Got me for my Cordless Mic, My wife’s purse and out digital camera, which had many great pic from the night.

I think I know who did it too. Over all the night was awesome and I thank all who came out And all that support me who didn’t come out.

2 Fingers…


  1. I’m in a similar situation. This is sooo true. Good to hear from some one in the same spot as me at the same age. Also trying to do music full time, also just hit 30, also married.peace, nasa.

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