The ups and downs…

This goes to to all of the people who are on some “Oh you tour that sweet. you must be living the life” shit… It’s real out here. You have your good nights and you have your bad nights. Until your selling 20, 000 records your not going to have all good shows. Hell, even when you get to that point you still have the ups and downs. Sometimes you perform in front of 2000 people. Sometimes 2 people, you just have to roll with the punches. It can be a roler coaster ride, but in the long term this shits is worth it if it is what you are called to do. For example, on this tour we’ve had a show where only 4 people came (Bloomington, IN), but tonight (Minneapolis, MN) about 250was out to see US. I put infacis on US because we played in Souix Falls, SD and played infront of about 200 people, 5 of which was there to see us. We moved 1 CD. It’s real out here in the field. Don’t get it twisted.

You have to really be called to do this to do this. It ain’t all sweet.

Talk to Ya soon..

2 Fingers…

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