Greenhouse 101 (Illogic and blueprint)

Click the banner above to preorder!!!

Here are the details:

– pre-orders for the first EP will begin on monday oct. 26th
– cd sells for $4.99 and comes with instrumentals and free 11×17 poster
– orders will SHIP out on tuesday november 24th (unless you live in Ohio, they might be off a day or so but you will have them by the 28th at the latest.

Reason for this is that the downloadable version will be available on tuesday the 24th. if you’re buying the CD you don’t have to worry about what you’re buying being available before you even get to buy it, you know? the street date for actual stores is Tuesday Dec 1st.

Special note:

– we are also going to have Greenhouse hoodies (with the logo seen in the youtube clip) available. These hoodies are $25 by themselves, but there will be a deal where you can get the hoody and the CD for $25 + shipping (which includes the poster). the hoodies will be in three styles: black hoodie w/ white print, green hoodie w/ white print, and grey hoodie w/ black print. sizes are large, xlarge, 2xl, and 3xl. Its gettin cold, people need hoodies. word.

All of this will be posted on the front-page and on the store on Monday.

Details on the cd release party will be announced next week as well.

Thanks for the support

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