Where do we go from here….

     Have you ever looked at your life and wondered “How in the world did I end up here?” Well that’s what I was asking my self on my 31st birthday,  but I am learning to get back to where I am supposed to be. Life deals you a hand and you have to play the cards your dealt, but you don’t have to play alone. I am learning that with God on my side there is no way that I can loose. I have allowed my self to dive into a sea iniquity and hardship and swim a lifetimes worth of laps, just because I didn’t want to let God help me play my hand.

      I’ve wallowed in self pity and danced with the devil on many occasions, but this was all by choice. God gives us choices and he gives us the tools to make the right choice, but its up to us to utilize what he has given us. If we choose not to use those tools then we will never truly fulfill our purpose. I see that more then ever now because I am making the choice to live with the mind set of feast or famine. I am giving it all up to him and actually letting him guide me on my path in order to be the Man, husband, Father, and artist that I am meant to be. He created me and wants me to succeed so I know that he won’t steer me wrong.

As Many of you have notice I put my morning scriptures up after I fellowship with God before I go to work. This is to share with you what I am learning and where my heart is going. I have been sharing my life with the world through my music since I was 13 years old so I figure I will take you on this journey with me also. Read along with me. I encourage it. Even if you are not a christian and don’t believe in all that God stuff that works too, but as a fan and friend I want you to share in my new found commitment of getting me together and living as just a life as I can. I will make mistakes because I am still human, but I have the desire to make this change.

So Where do I go from here? No where But up….
  Thanks for reading.

Two Fingers….

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