"Never Gone Make it" (Lyrics)

I laminated emotion to shield it from the storm,

you fabricated devotion in smiley face packaging.

I always noticed the insanity you wore under your jacket,

so I shouldn’t be surprised this is happening.

Friendships a burning bush, Faith a parted sea,

blindfolded ocean bottom so the wave crash swallowed me.

Sacrifice is a double edged sword to embrace.

I never understood it till I understood my sons followed me.

Every word spoke every move I make into existence,

now this throne of independence shakes till the levies break.
Isn’t it amazing that drowning in serenity’s only penalty
is free falling into the arms of divinity?
I’m no longer grazing in pesticide soaked valleys,
now I answer the snow capped mountain peaks call.
No longer do I question the investment of who surrounds me.
My biggest problem is deciding which masterpiece to draw.

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